Hundreds of protesters manage to break the security cordon next to the Parliament of Sri Lanka

A 26-year-old man dies after being injured during the protests

MADRID, July 13 (.) –

Hundreds of people have managed to break this Wednesday the first line of the security cordon located in the vicinity of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, where the security forces have set up a series of barricades in an attempt to prevent the passage of protesters.

The Police have begun to use tear gas in an attempt to quell the protests and disperse those present, although the majority of deputies have advocated avoiding the use of force against the protesters.

However, the interim president and prime minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, has asked the country’s security forces hours before to do what is necessary to “restore order” and end the “fascist threat” against Sri Lankan democracy.

Likewise, the Police have urged citizens to offer their support to the Armed Forces to “maintain law and order” in the Asian country.

This same Wednesday, a young 26-year-old protester died after being injured during protests in front of the prime minister’s office in the city of Colombo, where security forces also used tear gas.

The protester had been transferred to a hospital in the area for respiratory problems, although he died shortly after, according to information from the newspaper ‘Daily Mirror’.

The former head of state of the country, Gotabaya Rajapaska, who is in the Maldives after fleeing Sri Lanka, has indicated that he intends to travel to Singapore, where he will seek asylum, according to sources close to the aforementioned newspaper.

Rajapaksa’s arrival in the Maldives has provoked criticism among the civilian population, who have expressed their support for the Sri Lankan people. Rajapaksa has been in the Maldives since this morning with his wife and several bodyguards.

“Many are angry and opposed to the government offering the Sri Lankan president sanctuary. We have to stand with our brothers and sisters who have forced the president to flee,” said a resident of Male city.

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