Hundreds of people tour Rome in the first Italian demonstration for the rights of young transsexuals

Several hundred people demonstrated this Saturday for the first time in Rome in demand of rights and recognition for transgender youthin a demonstration that toured the city center to Piazza del Campidoglio, its town hall.

The organizers explained that this is the first Italian demonstration aimed exclusively at demanding the recognition of the young transsexualscelebrated on the occasion of the International Day of Trans Visibility, which took place this Friday, March 31.

The protest, under the slogan “Protect trans youth” (Protect trans youth), has been organized by numerous associations of the LGBT community and Italian unions.

“In our country we still do not see fully recognized and guaranteed the rights of trans children and adolescents, exposed to mistreatment, violence and social isolation,” denounced the organizers of the Gender X association.

The demonstration started from the Plaza del Esquilino and during its course slogans were also chanted against the government of the ultra-right Giorgia Meloni and some of its most critical ministers with the LGBT movement, according to local media reports.

Likewise, a 50-meter long flag with the colors blue, white and pink was displayed and banners were displayed reading slogans such as “The school has more colors” or “Right to study with my identity”.

Another hot topic at the march was the call “Alias ​​Career”a practice promoted by a few institutes that allows a student to assign a “provisional” gender in their file and that has been highly criticized by the most conservative sectors.

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