Hundreds of people show solidarity with Palestine in Madrid: “My aunt in Gaza tells me that she doesn’t know if they will be the next to die”

“Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people” chanted hundreds of voices this Monday in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid at a rally in solidarity with Palestine.

After Israel’s intense bombing of the Gaza Strip in response to the Hamas attack, the Madrid center has brought together hundreds of people who have wanted to raise their voices against the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

There were two sisters who had lived in the Gaza Strip until seven years ago. They wanted to remember that Israeli attacks against Palestine have been occurring since 1948 and that They have experienced firsthand “the horrors they are experiencing now” his family.

“My aunt calls me and tells me: we are locked up at home and we don’t know where to go or what to do, we don’t know if we are going to be the next to die. This is life in Gaza,” says one of them.

Afnan, a Palestinian who lives in Madrid, also wanted to go to Puerta del Sol to denounce the Israeli invasion. “I am Palestinian, my grandparents are, but only one of them was from the Strip, the other three lived in what they now call Israel, They were expelled from their lands and forced to live together confined in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis condemned them to live locked up without civil rights in conditions that are currently uninhabitable, in the largest concentration camp in the world, which continues to operate,” he denounced.

Victor Taibo, from Izquierda Revolucionaria, has denounced before the microphones of Public the massacre suffered by the Palestinians. A massacre that, in his opinion, “could get worse, because it seems that there will be a military invasion, it is going to be a true genocide.” consented by the United States and the European Unionwhich also participates in genocide by cutting off humanitarian aid to Palestine.”

Violence in the region is on the rise, especially after the statements of the Israeli Defense Minister, who has openly ordered the commission of war crimes in Gaza and cut off all types of electricity and food supplies to the Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli Defense Minister’s statements have been absolutely savage. He has said that they cut off all supplies to Palestine, that they are dogs and that they are going to treat them like dogs,” Taibo denounced.

Another protester has commented that she has cried from helplessness after
learn about the announcement by EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, to suspend the humanitarian aid to Palestine. However, after the protest of several member countries, only development aid will be reviewed.

“I was born in Spain, it is also my country, and it is part of the EU and seeing that the Union has done this – apart from all the acts they commit against migrants and now with Palestine – has left me very touched,” explained the protester.

Serigne Mbayé, former Podemos deputy, present at the rally has denounced the years of genocide that Palestine has been suffering. “Israeli forces have killed children and families, now we are facing resistance, because the Palestinian people had to resist. “That is what we demand today in this rally, that the Palestinian people be free.”

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