Huge damage due to torrents in Sapna: The water hit houses and carried away everything

The municipal headquarters of Civil Protection in Sapna declared a state of natural disaster after a severe storm hit the area on Saturday evening. Due to torrential waters, road communication between Kalesija and Sapna, as well as the alternative route via Međeđa, was interrupted, reports Anadolija.

“We are collecting the results this morning and let’s see what we encountered. Last night at nine o’clock we held a telephone session and declared a state of natural disaster in Sapna. We thought they were smaller in size, but they will turn out to be huge damages. Every moment we receive a report from the field, we are left without water supply in some parts, we have landslides, road communication has been interrupted, both the regional road and alternative roads across Međeđa, several families have to be evicted from their houses and, in essence, major material damage,” says Zudin. Mahmutović, Mayor of Sapna Municipality.

The storm affected the area of ​​Sapna municipality between 6 and 8 p.m. It rained the previous days as well, but the last one was the most intense, and there was a blockage of sewer pipes and drainage channels.

– The torrent hit the houses –

Residents of Nezuk, Međeđe, Žuje – Šarci and settlements along the Kalesija – Sapna regional road had a sleepless night, because the water hit their houses directly, and two cars were swept away and destroyed in the Munjača river.

“We have a long period of problems with torrents and water. The sewage system fell down, everything fell down. Last night there was a heavy rain for about 20 minutes. The torrent hit my house directly, we almost made the road, but it took everything away. We saved what we managed to save, my car was parked, I barely pulled it out with the tractor”, says Hajrudin Zehić from Nezuk settlement.

His neighbor Adel Brzović with his wife and three children had to leave the house because the water flooded the first floor. He expects help from the competent authorities because, as he points out, they live by working on a daily basis.

– Brzović: We didn’t save anything –

“It happened that the water came and the first floor where I live with my family was completely destroyed, submerged by the water, there was nothing left to save,” says Brzović.

Residents of endangered settlements point out that they constantly have a problem with torrential water throughout the year, and if the authorities do not take any action, they are ready to self-organize and solve the problem.

“We had a flood in 2014, we had five bushels of raspberries there. Of those five bushels of raspberries, nothing was left, the landslide took everything away, the house started to go, we complained, no one ever came out to try to solve the problem. We also complained about the floods, a couple of times to the president of the local community, but no one said anything. The solution is to cut off the water in those pines, to take it where it doesn’t bother anyone, but to take it so that it doesn’t bother us or anyone else,” says Hajrudin Zehić.

– Concern over new rainfall –

On Saturday evening, floods caused great damage in the area of ​​Kalesija Municipality. A company in Memići and several residential buildings were flooded. Great damage was caused to agricultural crops and road infrastructure. The most difficult situation is in the local communities of Gornja Kalesija, Gornja Petrovica, Tojšići, Hidani, Donji Rainci and Brda.

Residents of the endangered areas are worried because precipitation has been announced during the day, and it has been raining several times in the area since this morning.

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