How to use the software to take music personalization to a new level

ESmart Connect app, – ENERGY SYSTEM

MADRID, November 14 (Portaltic/EP) –

The way of consume music has changed over the years and technology has gone hand in hand with the industry to make it possible for users to have the best sound experience possible. For this, the ‘hardware’ has always played a fundamental role, but beyond the devices and their configurations, the ‘software’ intervenes in a more relevant way.

This is how the experts from Energy Sistem, a Spanish company specializing in personal audio, which has just launched its new headphones on the market, explain it True Wireless Style 4 and Style 4 Ultra, beside the ESmart Connect appwhich allows you to customize the configuration of these two audio devices, providing “added value” to conventional audio products.

“We each listen to music in our own way, the way we like it. Some people like the bass to have a big presence, while others like to enjoy a flatter sound. Mobile apps like ESmart Connect allow us to fully customize the way we play our music“, explains Miguel Ángel Orgaz, Product Engineer of Energy Sistem.

This mobile application, compatible with both Android and iOS, has a ten octave band equalizer with which you can define custom audio settings. In this way, users can save it in the application and use it as many times as they want, enhancing the performance of their headphones through the ‘software’ settings.


“These types of applications are added value for audio products. Not only do we have the technical hardware features offered by the headset or speaker, but software development allows us to take the sound experience to another level, simply by using our smartphone”, points out the Energy Sistem expert.

You don’t have to be an audio connoisseur to be able to customize the way you listen to music with these apps. For users who are not familiar with sound equalizers, the Energy Sistem ‘app’ has a series of previously configured presets, As the Deep Bass -which enhances the low frequencies of the music-, or the Crystal Sound -which emphasizes high frequencies-.

In addition to equalization, the ESmart Connect ‘app’ also allows customize headphone music playback controls (with Touch Control function). It also includes the Find My Earbunds option, with which the user can find out the location where the headphones were last connected and, if they are still connected, emit an acoustic signal to locate them.


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ESmart Connect also has all OTA updates (Over The Air), so that your audio device is always up to date and protected with the latest version. The first two products compatible with the ESmart Connect ‘app’ that Energy Sistem has launched on the market are the Style 4 and Style 4 Ultra True Wireless Earphones.

The TWS Style 4 Earphones are completely wireless True Wireless earphones, with a compact and ergonomic design. They include a ‘charging case’ for wireless charging, a battery that offers a autonomy of 25 hours in totaland technology Bluetooth 5.1 with improved stability to avoid interruptions in music playback.

In addition, the Earphones True Wireless Style 4 model has an Ultra version that includes a base of QI wireless charging and a proximity sensorso that music playback stops when the user removes the earphone from their ear and resumes when they put it back on.

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