How to start car wash business? What things are needed, earning will be great

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The number of cars on the road is increasing rapidly every day. In such a situation, obviously the demand for car wash will also increase. To meet this demand, car wash business can give you a great opportunity to earn. A major feature of this business is that you can start it with less capital. The margins in this business are very good. You will earn well. If you are interested and planning in this business (car washing business), then you will have to do some preparations and homework for it.

Location and place

You should find a right and suitable place for this business location. A good location is essential for this business. Try to get a place in an upper middle class residential area or in a high traffic area. The location should be such that your wash center is visible and customers do not face any problem in reaching there. Talking about how much space is required, there should be at least 4,000 to 5,000 square feet space to begin with. According to the news of smallbusinesshub, we can expect a rent of Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. However, it completely depends on the location and mutual consent.

Water resources and manpower

Availability of water and manpower are very important for car wash business. You may have to arrange for a borewell connection. Getting water from tanker will be very expensive. On average, 30-35 liters of water is used to wash a car. Suppose you wash 15 cars in a day, then you will need about 550 liters of water in a day.

Talking about manpower, you will need at least 2 to 3 people. You will have to pay them your salary as per your requirement. Car Wash Business: Since it is a service based business, you have to provide quality of service, so that the customer feels good after getting it washed at your place. If you provide good service, you will not need to do your marketing, people will come to you on their own. To decide the charge for car wash from the customer, you have to understand your local market and then accordingly you can decide a better price yourself.

License will also be required

For car wash business, shop and establishment certificate, GST registration (required only if your annual turnover is more than Rs 40 lakh), business certificate-single ownership is sufficient and pollution certificate (required only when applying for loan) ). Talking about budget, to start this business you should consider a budget of Rs 3 to 4 lakh (car wash set up cost).

What machinery and equipment is needed

For this you will need hydraulic car wash lifter, commercial pressure washing machine, vacuum cleaner, polisher, blower, steam cleaner and glass vac (car wash business machinery required). You have to buy these. Apart from this you need some chemicals. Such as foam shampoo, wax, liquid polish and cream polish like body shiner, liquid sandpaper, scratch remover, degreaser to remove oil markers and tire polisher are required. To wash the inside of the car, you will need multi cleaner, polish liquid, upholstery cleaner, leather cleaner and conditioner and glass cleaner.

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