How to know if I have reached a polling station in the Galician elections on February 18

The next Sunday February 18 The regional elections will take place to elect the new president of the Xunta de Galicia. In these elections the Popular Party (PP) will compete hand in hand with Alfonso Ruedathe Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) with José Ramón Gómez Besteirothe Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) with Ana PontonAdd, with Martha Lois as a representative, we can with Isabel Faraldo and Vox, led by Alvaro Diaz-Mella.

The period of presentation of candidatures it already happened, specifically between January 10 and 15, framework in which we met the candidates. The candidacies for the Galicia Elections were published on January 17, deadline to publish candidacies for the elections, once the period has ended and the candidates of each of the formations are known, before their validation and proclamation, on January 22. On January 29, the sending of documentation for voting by mail began.

We give you some keys to understand some important questions about how to know if you have been chosen as part of the electoral table, what to do if you cannot attend or how voting by mail works.

The electoral calendar

The last friday February 2 took place on start of the Galician electoral campaign, whose duration is 15 days, so that the period would end this Friday the 16th. At that time this section prior to the regional elections will be closed. The day of reflection will be, therefore, one day after the end of the campaign, on Saturday the 17th of this month – the deadline to publish the candidacies – while early in the morning Sunday February 18 The polls will be opened for voting in the 2024 Galicia Elections, knowing the results in the night of this day.

How do I know if I have reached a polling station?

The members who must be part of the electoral table (president, members and substitutes) were chosen by public draw that between January 20 and 24. The notification to citizens to inform them if they had been elected both as president of the table and as members in the Galician elections was sent between January 21 and 27 as stated by the Electoral Xunta of Galicia. It is up to the councils of Galicia to draw lots for the polling stations.

The city councils of each municipality are in charge of choosing who will deliver the notifications to the voters selected as members of the table. For example, these letters can be delivered by the Local Police or Post Office personnel, among others. However, in the event that the person was not at home at the time the notification was delivered, it is up to each municipality to ensure that communication is established. He may insist on finding out her whereabouts, either by phone, emailor other means.

Any Galician citizen of age to exercise their right to vote can be notified as part of a polling station in their corresponding center. The only essential requirements are know how to read and write, be under 70 years old and have a Bachelor’s degree or second-degree Vocational Training degree or the Graduate.

The people selected to be part of the electoral table will follow the instructions from a guide that they will receive at their homes along with the letter that notifies them which position they must occupy at the polling station. According to this manual, the voting process has four phases that must follow in this order: constitution of the table, voting, counting of ballots and finally the preparation and delivery of the documentation.

Who is exempt?

There are various reasons why you can avoid going to a polling station and they are contemplated in Article 27.3 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime. Among the reasons for justification are, for example, being over 65 years of age, being in the care of children under 14 years of age, having family events of special relevance and irreplaceable, belonging to a religious community, such as the case of cloistered nuns, or be a breastfeeding mother.

The disabilityforecast surgical interventionhaving been at the table at least three times in the last ten years and incapacity for accident either disease.

The deadline to submit allegations is 14 days and this year it was from January 21 to February 3. Appointees have a period of seven days from notification to present a documented reason proving their inability to perform their duties at the table. This process could be carried out in person or electronically.

The requirements to be able to present the reasons for internet They would be the following: have an email address since access to the platform is validated through it, have the appointment in PDF or JPG format as well as the documentation accrediting your excuse in PDF or JPG. It would also be necessary to have a system of proof of your identity (Cl@ve…) and, in the case of being a representative of another person, it is necessary to have a signed authorization in PDF or JPG format.

The Electoral Board communicated its resolution on the allegations presented between January 22 and February 8. In the event that the allegations period has passed and there is a cause that prevents going to office, There is a period from February 4 to 18 to notify said impediment.

If subsequently any member of the board cannot attend that day to perform their duties, they must communicate it to the Zone Electoral Board at least 72 hours before election day, providing documentation that justifies its absence. If the impediment occurs after this period, the notice would have to be made immediately and, always, before the time of constitution of the tables, so that the corresponding substitute can be summoned and/or appoint another if necessary.

How do I know which polling station I am at?

exist three possible ways to know which polling station We should go to vote and at what table. The first consists of look at the census card that citizens will have previously received at their home. It specifies the data regarding the place where each person must appear to carry out the vote, according to their registration.

Another often simpler way is to consult it online: The National Statistics Institute (INE) makes information about the school and the corresponding polling station available to all those registered. You just have to access the INE search engine and include the data of the province, municipality and the initial of the first surname. Once these details are completed, the next thing to do is indicate the home address. There already the polling location and table number will appear which will have to be attended on election day.

It is also possible to access this information through the Cl@ve system. It is the most reliable, since the electoral roll may not have been updated due to a recent change of address. The INE has already explained that the census is updated to October 1, 2023so people who have registered another address They will have to vote at the polling station as they did before.

The people selected to be part of the electoral table will follow the instructions of a guide that you will receive at your homes along with with the letter that notifies them what position they must occupy at the polling station. According to this manual, the voting process has four phases that must follow in this order: constitution of the table, vote, ballot counting and finally the preparation and delivery of the documentation.

What if I get a table and I don’t show up?

Not going to the polling station if one has been designated is an electoral crime classified in the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG). Article 143 specifies that unjustified absence can be punished with penalties of three months to one year and a fine of six to 24 months and the fines range from approximately 2,000 to 7,000 euros. If you have been summoned to a polling station and do not show up on the day the elections are held, The Police or Civil Guard can appear at your home.

What happens with voting by mail and voting abroad?

The deadline to send the request to vote by mail ended on February 8. To request to vote by mail, simply go to a Post Office or request it electronically. If you choose to go in person, the voter must fill out a simple form with their personal information that will be given to them at the post office, where they must also deliver it. The applicant must identify yourself with your ID or passport.

Those who choose to vote electronically must prove their identity electronically on the page Post Office website. This model allows you to consult the status of the request in real time. Then they will have a week, until February 15, to deliver it. In the event that a proven disability or illness prevents you from attending, may authorize another person through a notarial or consular document.

As for those who reside abroad, they will be able to vote in the elections to the Parliament of Galicia. The Electoral Census Office (OCE) will send all voters the documentation necessary for voting in two independent shipments, documentation that may also be obtained directly at the voting centers established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation until February 15.

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