Horoscopes from Los Angeles and the advice to leave fears and embrace love this Tuesday, September 26

Angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at different times, open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you invoke them to thank them or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Akaia

Open your heart to generosity and humility so that you feel the power of love. Don’t let adversity stop you on your path to success. Akaia is an angel of light, kind and powerful who will help you move forward.


Archangel Atliel

You lead life very quickly because you want immediate results. Go calmly and carefully so as not to stumble along the way. You will achieve abundance, you just have to be patient. Ask the angel Atliel to help you streamline and consider what is truly important.


Archangel Darachiel

Life gives you many blessings that you should be grateful for because with them you can move forward and help your loved ones. May fear not paralyze you and continue fighting for the prosperity of all. The angel Darachiel illuminates you with his light so that you continue receiving love and feel rewarded.


Archangel Dokiel

You distanced yourself from your family due to situations that have a solution and are in your heart. Listen to it so you can accept differences and embrace love. Dokiel is the angel who will help you with generosity and kindness.


Archangel Haniel

Wonderful things come into your life, receive them with love, but also with a lot of wisdom to move towards success. Haniel is the angel who will make you understand that everything is achieved through love.


Archangel Jeliel

You are overwhelmed and exhausted from fighting so that everyone is well, but you must continue because you are the strength and the courage to advance to prosperity. The angel Jeliel guides you and covers you with his divine light and provides you with the gift of wisdom.


Archangel Omael

That feeling of peace and calm that you want in your life will come when you make the decision that allows you to get out of that dark path where you are and advance to the abundance and fortune of love. The angel Omael accompanies you on this journey. Ask him with faith that he will come to your aid.


Archangel Michael

No matter how difficult the path is, you have the strength to keep going. Don’t stop, don’t let fear paralyze you, success is in your hands. Ask the angel Michael to clear everything so that you can move forward and achieve economic balance.


Archangel Ofaniel

Follow your intuition to make that decision that will lead you to achieve the success and prosperity you need to help your family. The angel Ofaniel is present with the gift of kindness to fill you with it.


Archangel Ariel

You have the strength and determination to change what you think you don’t deserve. With generosity you will advance to prosperity. Strength that the angel Ariel is miraculous and will help you follow the path of good.


Archangel Raguel

It doesn’t matter what stones are put in your way. Your determination and intelligence will help you get out of that bad moment and achieve your goals successfully. The angel Raguel is at your side so that you can move forward without looking back.


Archangel Jophiel

Happiness comes to you, but you must know that to maintain it there are many tortuous paths to continue crossing. Prosperity and abundance has its complications that you will overcome. The angel Jofiel accompanies you and will give you the gift of wisdom to move forward.

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