Honor presents its new concept of “bag phone” V Purse, with which it opens the way to technology in fashion

The new concept of ‘smartphone’ of Honor V Purse. – HONOR

BERLIN (GERMANY), September 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

Honor has presented his new concept of “purse phone” V Pursea foldable ‘smartphone’ with which it seeks to create “a trend piece in digital fashion” thanks to its customizable always-on screenswhich try to imitate the design of a bag with different finishes, showing them on said screens and even adding a handle to complete its image.

The Chinese technology company has shared its new vision for the future of foldable smartphones in his presentation ‘Unfold Tomorrow’, framed in the technology fair IFA in Berlin (Germany), where it has presented its new foldable phone concept as a fashion bag, “offering endless possibilities for style and expression.”

With the V Purse, Honor aims to “break new ground” for electronic devices in the fashion accessories sector. Therefore, it is a foldable ‘smartphone’ with a double screen on the outside that always remains active (AOD) and that are customizable. Thus, these screens allow configure different finishes that imitate the appearance of a bag.

As Honor has explained, these finishes include design elements, such as chains, feathers and pendants that react and sway with the movement of the phone, just as they would do in reality. Furthermore, the smartphone can be complemented by a series of interchangeable strapswhich hook onto the hinge and act like a bag handle.

On the other hand, the V Purse is designed with sustainability in mind, continuing the company’s commitment to the environment, as they have reiterated from Honor. To do this, the company uses sustainable materials such as vegan leather for its straps.

Likewise, the concept of screen customization is designed with the user in mind that they can easily combine their phone with their bag, “eliminating the need to buy a new bag every time there is a new event”, since, as Honor has pointed out, currently you can carry almost all the documentation on your smartphone.

at the time of create the designs For the customization of the V Purse, Honor has partnered with top cultural tastemakers from its Honor Talents Global Design Awards platform. Among them, they have mentioned the creative director of men’s fashion of the Burberry brand, Bram Van Diepen and the contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza, among others.

As stated by the Honor CEO George Zhao The brand’s foldable devices “have come a long way, including notable advances in design, functionality and durability.” Now, with the V Purse concept Zhao has highlighted that they are exploring “sustainable” solutions that “take advantage of “Emerging foldable technology to empower creativity and shape people’s lifestyles in the future.”

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