HONOR digitizes old VHS to fill the mobiles of its customers with memories

MADRID, 7 May. (Portaltic/EP) –

HONOR has launched this May 8, coinciding with the Mother’s Day, a campaign led by Orange to digitize VHS and fill the ‘smartphones’ of its customers with memories. Under the slogan ‘A gift to remember’, this action will be available from May 12 to 31 and will make use of technology to dust off old memories and integrate them into current communication tools, such as mobile phones.

Technology breaks through among the most desired gifts for these days of celebration and, among the different devices to choose from, the ‘smartphones’ They have become the perfect companion for the day to day of mothers, who are able to get the most out of them and, at the same time, treasure their greatest treasures: memories with their children and loved ones.

With so much technological change there are many moments that have remained in the trunk of your memories, literally; like all those videos left to their fate in storage rooms around the world that were recorded with the mythical VHS cameras”, explains the company, which encourages its clients to digitize their analog memories and bring them back to the digital world in one of the brand mobiles.

When purchasing an available HONOR smartphone in Orange stores, all users who have memories and memories on VHS and who want to digitize these tapes will receive the necessary information to begin the process. This original service will make it possible for the user to have their videos of experiences with family and friends fully digitized and uploaded directly to the gallery of your new mobile phones.

In this way, to the classic ‘selfies’, family photos and videos of recent vacations taken with the ‘smartphone’, will be added the memories that had been forgotten on a shelf From home. It is clear that a mobile phone is an incredible tool to create memories, but HONOR and Orange seek to go a step further to achieve the most special gift for Mother’s Day or Family Day, which is also celebrated this 15th of May.


This announcement also coincides with the recent launch of the HONOR Magic Series family of ‘smartphones’, which has in the Magic5 Pro and Magic5 lite two phones that adapt to different mother profiles, ranging from the ‘top of the range’ for the most ‘techie’ users to a cheaper option, starting at 369 euros, for those looking for a versatile and accessible device.

HONOR Magic5 lite is one of the company’s great bets for this 2023, thanks to its 120Hz widescreen OLED panelfingerprint on the screen, a long-lasting battery that promises two days of use (with 5,100 mAh) and an agile and fluid user experience, all integrated into an ultra-compact design.

Honor Magic5 Pro, meanwhile, seeks to conquer the high-end thanks to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, its powerful battery and a 50 megapixel triple camera (MP) at the height of very few. Likewise, this terminal puts the focus on design, paying homage to Antoni Gaudí with a triple chamber in the shape of a star wheel in the center of the rear cover and delicate curves that seek harmony between art and technology.

With this promotion, HONOR displays its motto #HONORtobewithyou (it is an honor to be with you) and promises to fill the new ‘smartphone’ of its customers with past and future memories “Technology brings us closer and helps us create memories together,” concludes the company, which encourages “continue collecting experiences.”

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