Homophobic, racist and anti-feminist: the profile of the leader of Vox who may end up as vice president of Castilla y León

It doesn’t fail. The newspaper library is always on the lookout to unmask what the veil of professional politics tries to hide. And it is that Juan Garcia-Gallardothe candidate in Castilla y León who has obtained a historic result for the far-right formation –going from one prosecutor in 2019 to 13– carries, despite his youth and his diaphanous smile, a backpack in tow.

A backpack containing a couple of master’s degrees in Comillas Pontifical but also, and above all, a string of homophobic, racist and anti-feminist comments that allow us to confirm that the young García-Gallardo, who “is getting the face of a vice president”, as a euphoric Abascal, has an ultra past.

“I think it’s a great idea to get Raul back for the European Championship. heterosexualize that sport full of fagots“García-Gallardo wielded on his Twitter account, a real mine of ultra outbursts that he saw fit to erase shortly after learning of his candidacy for the elections.

But let’s go by parts. Let’s understand who is hiding behind this trail of ideological gossip spilled on Twitter over the last few years. Originally from Burgos, García-Gallardo is son of a prestigious criminal From whom he inherited, by the way, both his name and his trade. He studied at the aforementioned Comillas Pontifical University, where he graduated in Law with a diploma in International Legal Studiesand where he also studied the double master’s degree Access to the Legal Profession and Business Law (Icade-Deusto).

A great fan of equestrianism, a discipline in which he has been champion of Castilla y León on numerous occasions, his resume highlights his role as defender of the former president of the Cortes of Castilla y León, Jose Manuel Fernandez Santiagowhen he was called to testify by the High Court for crimes of prevarication and bribery in the Gürtel plot.

Parallel to his meager professional career, Juan García-Gallardo saw fit to turn his timeline on Twitter in an ode to the ultra ideas propagated by Abascal and his people from their respective stands. With a certain fixation on homosexuality, the tweets of this young lawyer who could end up as vice president of Castilla y León, have not gone unnoticed by many tweeters who have not hesitated to preserve the philo-fascist imprint of the young García-Gallardo before being what he is now. is; the white blackbird of Vox in Castilla y León.

And, in fact, in view of his comments, there is no doubt that Abascal and his people were able to detect the affinity of the young lawyer with the argument of his party. Homophobia by the bucketload, bar counter anti-feminism and –it could not be missing– the usual racism of the far-right postulates.

In November 2020, he replied to a tweet from the European Commission and repeated one of Vox’s ideological mantras, linking sexual assault and sexist violence with migration. “Hello European Commission, say that in Spain half of the crimes of gender violence are committed by immigrants, who are 10% of the population, is it a racist stereotype? Or is it a reality that we must solve? “, He published.

Mario Conde as a reference

Other pearl of the newspaper library is to see a video recently retrieved by El Informal in which an inexperienced Juan García-Gallardo claims the figure of Mario Count in October 2011 and questions the crimes for which he was convicted at the time.

A hidden face, that of Gallardo, who has been outlining over many years and now political marketing could try to obscure. In a way, all these tweets make up a kind of unauthorized biography of the face of Vox in Castilla y León, a face that, if we stick to its comments on networks, is far from being devious and democratic.


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