Hitman crime in Rio de Janeiro: three doctors were executed in a bar

Sitting at the table of a beach kiosk, in Tijuca Barin Rio de Janeiro, and in front of the five-star Windsor Hotel, four doctors shared a few beers before participating in an international orthopedic congress. It was one in the morning on Thursday the 5th, but there were still customers. Suddenly, three men dressed in black got out of a white car, weapons in hand, and without any warning of an assault, they fired more than 30 bullets in a single direction: the place where the professionals were. Once the execution was over, they returned to the car without stealing anything at all.

Two of those murdered were only 33 and 35 years old: Perseu Ribeiro Almeida and Diego Ralf de Souza Bomfim. The third, Marcos de Andrade Corsato 62 years old, was the head of the Orthopedics service at the Hospital de Clínicas de Saint Paul. The fourth doctor was saved from death but is in critical condition in a public hospital.

The most striking thing about the case is that one of the victims is the brother of the federal representative Samia Bomfim and brother-in-law of the legislator, Glauber Braga; both belong to Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL), one of the currents of the left that is part of the official coalition. Whether due to the absence of a visible objective of the murderers, as would be the case of a robbery, or due to the organization shown by the gang and their way of dressing, the Minister of Justice Flavio Dino did not hesitate to classify the case as “execution”, and also ordered that the Federal Police undertake its own investigation of this case, which shocked Brazilian society. The homicide committed against Marielle Franco, by the fascist gangs that dominate the capital of Rio. “Faced with the hypothesis that links the massacre with the actions of the two federal parliamentarians, I ordered the PF to accompany the investigations. My solidarity with Deputy Samia and her husband Glauber.”

Lula’s government wonders if Milei is going to declare war on Brazil

President Lula da Silva expressed his “great sadness and indignation at the news of the execution. My solidarity goes out to the relatives of the doctors, as well as to the deputy Samia Bomfim.” The PSOL also demanded a “rigorous and efficient” police investigation. In identical terms, the president of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco expressed his repudiation, for whom “a thorough investigation” is also essential. For him “it is essential that the investigations be meticulous, detailed, to know the reasons.” Another left-wing parliamentarian, Chico Alencar, pointed out that Rio “is a city that facilitates this type of crimes ordered, because it was carried out with certainty of impunity in a busy avenue with many monitoring cameras. The criminals committed this barbarity without any concern of being identified and going to prison.”

The strong suspicions of political motivations are also based on the previous complaints of the parliamentarian who in July reported having received threatening messages: “Every 15 days I receive an email, with horrific offenses that talk about killing my family, always with enormous cruelty.” The only survivor of this massacre is the doctor Daniel Sonnewend, who was hit in the leg by the bullets. And according to Folha de São Paulo, the professional’s health condition “worsened to the point of undergoing a laparotomy to determine internal bleeding.”

The Secretary of State of the Rio Civil Police, Commissioner José Renato Torres, said that the crime “will not go unpunished.” He added that he and the Minister of Justice agreed that there will be coordinated action with the Federal. The superintendent of the PF, Joao Paulo Garrido, indicated that “make yourself available to collaborate with all the resources that are considered necessary.”


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