History is made, the first woman with a disability to appear in a football video game

The world of video game makes history again. Now, the milestone is not reflected in the quality of the graphics or the gameplay features, but rather by incorporating a character for the first time / player with a disability.

the american Carson Pickett is who will be available in FIFA 24. His story of overcoming has become a torch that guides people, with similar problems, to achieve their dreams.

She was born without one of her forearms, but that has not been an impediment for her to stand out in her national team and club. Although Pickett is available in the most recent version, it also has limitations for those mischievous minds.

It has already been specified that the player will not be able to be placed in the goalkeeper position and her performance will have a lot to do with this factor. At the same time, beyond the ridicule that this detail has generated, a beginning has been marked to better reflect the future. physical diversity of the players.

What is your story?

Since her birth, her parents, who were surprised by her condition, established a ban: saying I can’t. From an early age, Carson learned to braid her hair, tie her shoes, climb trees, and even ride a bike like any other child.

“I have always been asked what it is like to do things with one arm and I always answer the same thing: And what is it like to do it with two? I only know one way to do it.” told in an interview in The Seattle Times.

As a teenager he faced shame, but it was the arrival of football that gave him the confidence to stop hiding his disability.

“It’s obvious that I don’t have a limb, but in football I don’t think it’s a weakness. The only thing I don’t usually do is serve as a sideline.”this left-handed back with great speed, talent and vision of the game points out with a laugh.

“It’s incredible to achieve something that no one but you believes you can. It’s kind of cliché, but it’s true. “Many people may doubt you because they don’t understand you, but I think I can serve as an example,” stressed.

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