Hezbollah aims for “calm” to “give a real chance” to border negotiations with Israel

Nasrallah reiterates that gas extraction in Karish is “a red line” that would lead to a response

MADRID, Sep. 18 (.) –

The leader of the Lebanese Shiite militia party Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has assured that the group is giving an opportunity to the negotiations with Israel on the delimitation of the maritime border, although he has reiterated that the extraction of gas in Karish is “a line red” which would lead to a response.

“We have been calm these past few weeks because we are giving negotiations a real chance. Our goal is to allow Lebanon to extract oil and gas and we are not looking for trouble,” he said in a televised speech.

Thus, he has pointed out that “Lebanon is facing a golden opportunity that may not be repeated” and has warned that “the red line is that there is no extraction of Karish (by Israel)”, according to the Lebanese news portal Naharnet.

“The Zionist authorities said that the extraction would start in September, but then they postponed it. That’s good and we don’t care about the reasons, technical or not,” he stressed, while stressing that Hezbollah “sent a very strong message “before the possibility of starting these works.

“We are following the negotiations and our eyes are on Karish. Our missiles are aimed at Karish. As long as the extraction does not begin, there is the possibility of achieving solutions,” Nasrallah stressed, stressing that Hezbollah “will not allow oil to be extracted or gas from the disputed Karish field until Lebanon gets its just demands.

In this sense, he has argued that “Israelis, Americans and Europeans have enough information about the seriousness of the resistance’s position.” “It is not a psychological war or a joke. Things are calm, but if a confrontation is forced on us, it will be totally unavoidable,” she has said.

Nasrallah’s words came just a few days after Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz stated that “Lebanon will pay the price” if the Shia group attacks Karish.

During the session on Wednesday, the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, reported that “the contacts to finalize the demarcation issue have registered great progress in which Lebanon has achieved what would allow it to exploit its resources in its waters.”

Israel and Lebanon, which are technically at war and do not maintain diplomatic relations, began a process of indirect talks in October 2020 that are mediated by the United States and are being held under the auspices of the United Nations at the headquarters of the international organization in the Lebanese city of Naqura.

The negotiations revolve around an area of ​​860 square kilometers that, according to both countries, is located in their respective Exclusive Economic Zones, a matter of special importance after the discovery of gas reserves in this area that both Israel and Lebanon hope to be able to exploit. .

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