He received the disfigured body of another person, thinking that his son was murdered

The law of nature says that children must bury their parents. When this law is not followed and it is the parents who bury, it becomes a heartbreaking event. This is what happened with a Honduran woman, Vilma Fuentes, who went through a painful moment, believing that her son was murdered.

On October 13, 2023, a passerby discovered the bloody body of a teenager in the city of La Entrada (Honduras), as reported by local media.

The body had gunshot wounds and the face was disfigured. At first, it was believed that the remains belonged to Adonay Urbina, the son of the woman who thought they killed his son.

After the confusion and pain, the relatives began mortuary preparations to bury the boy, whom they recognized by a scar on his arm, so the authorities handed over the body to them.

According to reports, Adonay left home three weeks earlier to try to reach the United States, so his whereabouts were unknown and the unexpected end of his life was a possibility.

However, the surprise occurred in the middle of the wake, when the relatives received a video call from the young man to whom they were supposedly saying their last goodbye and who was going to bury them.

Vilma went through terrible pain when she learned that her son died, so she thought that that communication was a joke in bad taste. However, when she answered, they confirmed that it was him and that the young man was alive. Which could only mean that the person they were watching was someone else.

“I am here, on the border. I am alive, I am not dead,” Adonay said to his mother and his loved ones, who already assumed he was dead. After confirming that the young man was not the one in the coffin, they called the Police to clarify the strange situation.

Once the agents arrived at the property, they were able to point out that the body was that of Jimmy Sarmiento, a missing 15-year-old boy.

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