Hazard: “We had a good talk and a lot of things were said, good and bad”

MADRID, Nov. 29 (.) –

Belgian team playmaker Eden Hazard wanted this Tuesday to remove some iron from all the controversy surrounding the team after last Sunday’s defeat against Morocco in the World Cup in Qatar and warned that “a lot of nonsense” has been said and that they have had a “good meeting” where “many things were said, some good and some not so good that some may not have liked”.

Hazard, at a press conference, pointed out that “there is not too much tension” between the ‘Red Devils’ themselves after a setback that complicates their future in the World Cup. “We read a lot of nonsense. This Monday we had a good one-hour meeting in which the coaching staff and all the players were present. We said a lot of things, some good and others not so good that some may not have liked, but we are making progress,” he pointed.

The Real Madrid player recalled that they still have the game against Croatia, where they will play to go to the round of 16. “There is one game left and we want to win it. We have two days left to prepare it and that is the most important thing,” he stressed, joking about any kind of problem with center-back Jan Vertonghen. “I get along with him and we don’t fight, but he’s also bigger than me,” he said.

“This is one of the toughest times we’ve had, but in 14 years it hasn’t been all good either. People expect a lot, that’s normal, and now it’s up to us to show that we’re a great team. Great teams stick together in bad times and we only have to do one thing. Talking is good, acting is better,” he settled.

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois also appeared before the media, making it clear that they are “united as a team.” “We all have the same spirit, we want to fight and we must be united. From the outside, we must be supported and not attacked,” said the man from Bree, who regretted that part of the press in his country tried to “kill” the Belgian team.

“Within the team we are aware that we should not accept this negativity because it can create frustration. I spoke during the meeting and everyone was able to express themselves and it was important to tell each other things face to face”, added the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

Courtois stressed that after the defeat against Morocco in the locker room “nothing happened”. “For me, there is no problem in the team. This complicated situation unites us and brings us closer. Things have been written that are false,” he asserted.

“Everyone wants to win this next match because we don’t want to be eliminated. It’s time to fight, I hope the criticism will make us stronger. It’s us against the whole world and against elimination and we have to give our lives on the pitch.” sentenced Courtois, who is clear that age is not a problem to perform as “shown by Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo”.

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