Has your voter ID expired? How to check name in voter list

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Tips to check voter ID expiry date online: It is mandatory to make voter ID card to vote in elections. Any person can cast his vote only after his name is in the voter list. For this, the form is available in both online and offline mode. Most of the people make a voter ID card i.e. identity card once and use it for years. Do you know that it also has an expiry date? There are 3 ways to check name in voter id list. Is your voter ID card expired? Follow these easy steps to check it.

Check Voter ID Card Validity Online

1. Check your name in the voter list to check the validity of the voter ID card online.

2. For this visit the National Voter Service Portal.
3. Search https://www.nvsp.in/ in Google Chrome browser and click on the first link.
4. Search your name in electoral roll option will be seen on the homepage, click on it.
5. You can also check it by entering epic number or address.
6. Now enter your name, date of birth, state, district and assembly constituency.
7. After this search by entering captcha text. If your name and all the details are present in it, then understand that your voter ID card is valid.

check name in voter list with the help of voter id card number

1. Your voter ID card is not expired, it can also be checked through voter number.
2. For this, first of all visit the official website and click on search by epic number.
3. Now enter the ID card number ie EPIC number in the empty space.
4. Along with this, select the state and enter the captcha code and click on the search button.
5. Now you will be able to see all your information in the Voter ID list.
6. Here you will get to see father or husband’s name, your name, voting number, voter ID number, polling officer’s name and contact details.

You can also check the name in the voter ID list according to the state

To check whether your voter ID card is expired or not, even if you have your name, father’s name and state address, you can easily check it through the website. If your name is in the Voter ID list, understand that your ID card is not expired. That is, you can comfortably cast your vote in the election. Do not forget to check your name in the online voter list before the election. Many people reach to vote without checking it. They find it difficult to search the name in the voter list at the polling station.

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