Harley-Davidson is bringing cheap bike!

Photo:HARLEY-DAVIDSON Harley-Davidson is bringing cheap bike!

Harley-Davidson: In today’s time every bike lover dreams of buying a Harley Davidson. Due to the high price, not everyone is able to buy it. Royal Enfield has been filling this gap till now, but now this gap is going to end with time. Harley Davidson is planning to enter a new segment of bikes with small cruiser motorcycles. For the same, the company is working with Benelli Motorcycles, the owner of Qiangjang Motors, to develop such two-wheelers. Meanwhile, media reports have revealed that the company has released the teaser of the new Harley Davidson X350 and X500 motorcycles. This motorcycle is one of the list which is going to be launched on 10th March.

Expected to be launched with these features

The new Harley Davidson X350 will be powered by a smaller 353cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine sourced from QJ Motors. The engine will be tuned to produce 36 Bhp power. The torque figures of the bike are yet to be revealed. Based on previously leaked information, the bike will share its underpinnings with the Benelli 302S and the QJ Motor sRK350. The bikes also come with other features, which can be seen in the form of multi-spoke wheels, upside-down forks and petal disc brakes. Coming to the Harley Davidson X500, the bike looks similar to Chinese motorcycles, especially the Benelli Leoncino 500. The X500 has more distinctly roadster-like availability than the X350. The 500cc engine powering both the Leoncino 500 and X500 produces 47 horsepower and 46 Nm of torque.

Confirmed in the international market

The launch of the Harley Davidson X350 and X500 motorcycles has been confirmed for the international market. However, the chances of these motorcycles hitting the Indian market are slim. The reason for this high probability is that Harley Davidson is working with Hero MotoCorp for its return to India. This debut will be supported by a smaller motorcycle developed specifically for the Indian market. However, till now no official information has come from the company regarding this.

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