Half of Vox voters see prostitution as acceptable

53.6% of voters in vox considers prostitution to be acceptable “in some circumstances”. This is stated by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), which has published a study on sexual violence against women. The voters of the ultra-right formation distance themselves significantly from the rest of those surveyed.

The public body has specifically asked how citizens see “paying for sexual relations.” The average of those who see this approach as acceptable is situated in the 28.1%a figure that is far from the data obtained by those surveyed who claimed to have voted for Vox in the 2019 election.

Meanwhile, 20.8% of Vox voters see prostitution as unacceptable, but consider that those who resort to it “should not be punished by law.” only the 19.2% He believes that paying for sex is “unacceptable” and “must be punished.”

After Vox, the party that finds prostitution acceptable is citizens, with 30.3%. Of the orange formation, the percentage of those who believe that this behavior should not be punished by law amounts to 33.7% and, of those that do, the figure stands at 28.2%. PP (27.2%), PSOE (25.6%) and United We Can (19.10%) are at the tail of those who see “paying for having sex” as acceptable.

Forcing the partner to have sex

Along the same lines, the study has also asked about how respondents consider forcing their partner to maintain sexual intercourse unwished. In this case, the answer “acceptable in some circumstances” does not obtain large percentages, since none of the parties analyzed reaches 2%. However, the voters of the PP and Vox believe that this conduct is “unacceptable”, but “it should not be punished by law”.

html of this second graph:

20.3% of all respondents maintain that “it should not be punished by law” forcing a couple to have sex. In it PSOE, 19.3% are in this position. And in United We Can, 14.52%. Even so, in the middle of the debate on the “consent” for the reform of the law of the only yes is yesthe majority of citizens respond that this is “unacceptable and should always be punished by law.”

Analysis of data

The data collected is related to the respondents who affirm that they voted in 2019 for PSOE, PP, Vox, Unidas Podemos and Ciudadanos, since the samples of the rest of the parties are significantly reduced.

In the case of those surveyed for Unidas Podemos, the voters of Unidas Podemos, En Comú Podem and En Común – Unidas Podemos have been grouped together.

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