Gustavo Petro resumes the electoral campaign in Colombia with reinforced security after revealing an attack plan against him

The candidate of Historical Pact for the presidency of Colombia Gustavo Petro has resumed this Thursday the electoral campaign in Cúcuta, a town located on the border with Venezuela, after having been forced to interrupt his tour due to an attack threat.

His security team assures that behind the attempted attack denounced on Monday would be the La Cordillera criminal gang, which operates in the coffee region in the center of the country. Petro had several activities scheduled in Cúcuta, capital of the department of Norte de Santander, but due to a change in schedule, he has only been able to arrive in the city on time to lead a concentration in the Natilán sector (a neighborhood of the municipality).

The politician has reappeared with a significant reinforcement of its security, included bodyguard with shields that have gone up to the platform with him and a bulletproof vest that was noticeable under the red and black jersey of the Cúcuta Deportivo soccer club.

The left-wing candidate is leading in all polls

During his presentation, Petro has emphasized that his government aims to extend peace to all corners of Colombia. In this case, with special attention to the burning conflicts on the border with Venezuela, he has assured that he would do everything possible to resume diplomatic relations with the neighboring country (the border between the two regions has been closed since 2015 by order of President Nicolás Maduro).

Petro has emphasized that his government aims to extend peace to all corners of Colombia

The candidate of the left-wing formation, leader in all voting intention polls for the elections next May 29has also referred to insecurity, unemployment and support for the student population, while criticizing the Duke Governmentwho defeated him in the second round of the presidential elections four years ago.

“Change is not a Duke 2, I think that repeating the sad story of Duke 1 in a Duke 2 would be social suicide, it would be national suicide. I think we have to take another path that we can propose another path to this department”, has indicated Petro in reference to the second in the polls, Federico “Fico” Gutierrezof the right-wing coalition Team for Colombia.

Petro’s concentration in Cúcuta has been attended by people of all cleavages (gender, age, ethnicity, functional diversity, sexual identity), such as Martha Silva, a woman with disabilities, who affirms that she supports him since he came to the Senate. “I like his ideals: work, education and health for all,” concluded the woman in a wheelchair.


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