Gunpowder found in home of suspect arrested for launching explosive device at Japanese prime minister

Japanese police found this Sunday a substance believed to be gunpowder when searching the home of the man arrested the day before after allegedly launching a explosive to the prime minister of Japan, Fumio Kishidaduring an electoral rally.

The authorities of Japan They seized different objects in his home search, among which, in addition to the alleged gunpowder, was the suspect’s personal computer, according to police sources reported to the state chain NHK.

Ryuji Kimura, 24 years old and allegedly responsible for the attack, resides in the city of Kawanishi, in the Hyogo prefecture, west of the country. He was arrested this saturday after allegedly throwing a cylindrical object near where Kishida was preparing to give a speech during an electoral act.

The device exploded approximately one minute after being launched, with the prime minister already evacuated from the scene, and causing minor injuries to the arm of a police officer. Some experts have pointed out that could be a pipe bomb.

At the time of the arrest, Kimura was carrying a backpack and a second metallic object similar to the one thrown. The incident took place in the port of the city of Wakayama (west) around 11:30 local time (2:30 GMT on Saturday). The suspect is in police custody and has so far refused to make a statement about what happened until he has a lawyer.

For the moment, he is being held on suspicion of interrupting the celebration of an electoral act, and while the authorities collect evidence on what could have been an attempted attack with explosives.

The Japanese media have published various personal details about the detainee, but for the moment nothing has emerged that points to his motivations for carrying out the apparent attack. Kimura shared a home with some relatives, who told the police that he had left the home on Saturday morning when they woke up.

The incident on Saturday took place after last July the japanese ex-president shinzo abe died after being shot from behind with a homemade firearm, while participating in an electoral act of the same type in the city of Nara.

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