#GuachimánElectoral l Today begins the all against all in the campaign for the primaries – TalCual

There will be no large logistical deployments for the start of the primary campaign. Some of the candidates opted for small meetings to present their vision of the country. From this August 22 to October 20, a group of 13 opponents will have to convince the public

Ibrahim López Pinero | Electoral Guachimán

This Tuesday the 22nd formally begins the electoral campaign period for the primary election of the Venezuelan opposition. For a little less than two months, 13 candidates will compete to be the sole champion to face Nicolás Maduro in the corresponding presidential election in 2024.

He Electoral Guachimán presents a brief agenda of how the opposition candidates will begin the start of the campaign.

Andrés Caleca – Progressive Movement of Venezuela

You have no activity scheduled for this Tuesday.

Carlos Prosperi – Democratic Action

He will be sworn in at 10:00 AM. in Caracas, simultaneously, to all the teams and structures that will work for the primary election: 46,700 mobilizers, 10,350 table witnesses in 1,100 parishes and 335 municipalities, according to their press team.

Prosperi Gira Tachira primaries

Delsa Solórzano – Citizen Meeting

It will participate in a deployment and street mobilization in Caracas. Simultaneously, the party that supports her will set up electoral tents and structures throughout the country.

Delsa Solorzano

Henrique Capriles Radonski – Justice First

He will hold a meeting at 12:00 pm in Caracas with national and foreign journalists and media to address issues of interest to the country.


Luis «Balo» Farías – Independent Merideños Party

It will use alternative media and digital platforms to promote its government project, whose main axis revolves around the establishment of a parliamentary democracy.

Luis "bleated" primary farías

Maria Corina Machado – Vente Venezuela

He has no activity scheduled for this August 22, but he is preparing to resume his tour of the regions on August 25. Initially it will go to Anzoátegui and Sucre.

Maria Corina

Roberto Enríquez- Copei

At 10:00 a.m., he will present his government plan in Caracas, called Program for Change containing the strategic lines of his political project.

Roberto Enriquez primaries

Tamara Adrián – United for Dignity (UPDI)

He will participate in a meeting with the community at 5:00 pm at the Vidal González municipal theater in San Antonio de los Altos. There she will present her ideas, projects and vision of the country to those present.

Tamara Adrian

He Electoral Guachimán unsuccessfully tried to contact Andrés Velásquez, César Almeida, César Pérez Vivas, Freddy Superlano and Gloria Pinho to find out what their campaign start will be like.

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