Griñán will not go to prison until he has a medical report on his cancer

The Andalusian ex-president Jose Antonio Grinan will not enter prison to serve the sentence of six years in prison for the ERE case until the Seville Court receives a report from the Institute of Legal Medicine on the prostate cancer who suffers, have informed efe judicial sources.

The Court agreed last Friday that a forensic report on the state of health of Griñán, 76, before deciding whether to take into account the request to suspend his admission to prison, for which he initially had a term of until 1 from January.

In that request of the Hearing it is included “implicitly” that Griñán not go to jail until the Institute of legal medicine issue its report, for which it could subject the former president to medical tests or accept the reports that his defense has presented, the sources have added.

In the reports from Griñán’s lawyer, presented last Thursday, the suspension of his imprisonment was once again requested because the tests carried out confirm the “high risk” of prostate cancer that he suffers and for which he has already started treatment.

The lawyer stressed that admission to a Griñán prison “would increase the risk of failure of the treatment initiated, would make it difficult for specialists in onco-urology to control it and could reduce their life expectancy.”

José Antonio Griñán was sentenced to six years and two days in prison and disqualified for 15 years for the crimes of embezzlement and prevarication in the so-called political piece of the case of the ERE. Until now, only the former Minister of Finance has entered a prison in Seville Carmen Martinez-Aguayo to serve a six-year prison sentence.

Five other former senior officials of the Junta de Andalucía have until January 1 to enter prison, and the Court suspended the ex-counselor’s entry into prison Agustin Barbera due to serious illness.

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