Government has issued this new rule regarding solar panels, the method of registration will change under this.

Photo:REUTERS The government will not promote the import of solar panel components in the next few years.

The government has issued a new guideline regarding solar panels. Under this, the government has made it clear that in the next three to four years, the government will register only solar panels made of Made in India cells, wafers and polysilicon under the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM). New and Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh said this on Sunday. According to language news, the Union Minister has asked the concerned officials of his ministry to make a policy in this regard.

Government will bring policy in one or two years

According to the news, the government had started ALMM (Approved List of Models and Manufacturers) to promote domestic manufacturing of solar panels. The minister said that modules with low efficiency are removed from the ALMM. He said that we will develop our policy. We will protect only those modules which are cells made in India. We will come up with such a policy in a year or two. Then, after one to two years we will bring a policy that wafers and polysilicon should also be made in India.

Make-in-India will get support
The Union Minister said that this step will help in furthering the target of ‘Make-in-India’. The government will not promote the import of solar panel components in the next few years. He said that you import cells from outside and assemble them here. Then they sell it by saying that it is made in India, whereas 90 percent of it is made in China, this will not work anymore. The ministry will also review the approved list of models and manufacturers next year. Singh (RK Singh) said that the government will not allow manufacturers to support any old device or technology to protect the interests of the people of India.

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