Government and PSC close an agreement that will allow the approval of the Catalan budgets

White smoke for the Generalitat’s budget for 2023. After more than two months of negotiation and the last few weeks in which disagreement seemed more likely than understanding, the Government and the PSC They have announced this Wednesday morning that the accounts will go ahead.

The situation broke down on Thursday of last week, once ERC accepted the proposal of the Socialists to materialize the B-40 -or North Round between Sabadell and Terrassa– a macro infrastructure project that the president himself, Pere AragonesHe stated that he was moving away from his country model. Shortly after, the first secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illa, valued the gesture and implied that, now, the final agreement was close. The new accounts represent an increase in the expenditure of the Generalitat of 3,800 million compared to 2022.

Illa has been the first to appear once the agreement has been announced and has assured that it is an “exercise of responsibility” for his party. However, he has wanted to make it clear that in no case does it entail a “legislature agreement” with the Government and, in fact, he has stressed that his formation will continue to oversee the Aragonès executive, although he maintains the will to agree on such transcendent and relevant issues how are the accounts

El Prat Airport, B-40 and Hard Rock

Regarding the content of the agreement, beyond the increase in investment in public services as essential as health or education, the leader of the PSC celebrates that it implies progress in what he calls “generation of prosperity”, which fundamentally implies macro-projects and large infrastructure. They can be summarized in three: B-40, El Prat airport and the Hard Rock leisure and gaming complex.

About him hard rock –or Recreational and Tourist Consortium of Salou and Vila-seca– the document establishes that during the first semester of the year the urban development plan must be approved to carry it out. As for the B-40 motorway, which will connect Sabadell and Terrassait is specified that during the first quarter “the agreement and financing agreement that guarantees the drafting of the project” must be closed with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and that subsequently the execution of the works is entrusted to the Generalitat.

Finally, regarding the El Prat airport, the document talks about closing a “technical commission” with the Government of Spain this year that “will make it possible to agree on the new airport model that Catalonia needs with the aim of transforming the airport Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat so that he gains capacity and becomes a true hub intercontinental”.

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