Google will require Google TV and Android TV apps to adopt the Bundle format to save space on televisions

MADRID, 22 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google It will help the user to have more memory on their smart TV by requiring the applications in App Bundle format for Google TV and Android TV from May next year.

The smart tvs (‘smartTV’) allow install apps to see the content of the most popular streaming services, as well as access gaming platforms in the cloud, among other services.

These apps take up space, which in the case of a ‘smartphone’ is quite extensive, with decent options that start from 64GB of storage. But in the case of televisions, this capacity usually stays at 8GB on average.

Google understands that this is insufficient storage for the “increasing appetite” users have for apps. Therefore, it will require developers who use Google TV and Android TV to Migrate your apps from APK to App Bundle formatas detailed in the Android Developers blog.

App Bundle is a system with which Google Play allows organizing into packages optimized for different configurations of devices and languages, which makes the ‘apps’ on average 20 percent lighter than the APK counterpart and also faster to install.

The ‘apps’ also benefit from the filing systemwhich allows you to temporarily free up to 60 percent of the space that an application takes up on a device, avoiding the need to delete it to save storage.

Google will give the deadline for the migration until May 2023when applications that have not been adapted to the App Bundle will lose visibility.

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