Google to offer Sidewalk Labs products for smart cities

MADRID, Dec. 17 (Portaltic / EP) –

Google’s company specialized in the development of smart cities, Sidewalk Labs, has announced that its products will be offered by Google, coinciding with the departure of the founder and CEO of the company.

Sidewalk Labs founder and CEO Daniel Doctoroff has announced that the company “combines forces” with Google, so that the tech giant will market its devices from next year, as reported through a statement shared on Medium.

Among these products that will go to Google are: Pebble, a low-cost sensor for vehicles that helps manage parking lots; Desk, a kit to save energy in buildings; Delve, an intelligent system to reduce risks in the design of new buildings; Y Affordable Electrification, for energy use in the home.

“These products will continue to be led by Sidewalk Labs President of Urban Products Prem Ramaswami and CTO Craig Nevill-Manning, both Google alumni, and the teams will continue to execute on their vision and serve customers,” Doctoroff reported.

Another of Sidewalk Labs’ projects, Canopy Buildings, which focuses on the automated manufacturing of building materials, will become an independent company with the support of Google.

Doctoroff has ensured that this decision is part of Google’s efforts to make its companies more environmentally sustainable and use 100 percent carbon-neutral energy by 2030.

Likewise, the CEO and founder of Sidewalk Labs has announced his resignation for health reasons, after being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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