Google should be more transparent in the Play Store, Flights and Hotels: these are the changes that users will see

MADRID, 30 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google will introduce a series of changes to your services Play Store and Google Store sales and tourist reservations Flights and Hotels, in order to be more transparent and offer clearer information to users.

The changes are part of an agreement reached with the European Commission and the national consumer authorities, after a dialogue started in 2021, and which guarantees compliance with the rules of the European Union (EU) in terms of consumer protection.

The Google Store and the Play Store digital services distribution platform will more visibly display the seller contact informationwhich will include an ’email’ and a telephone service.

Additional information will also be included, in the event that the tech giant is not the seller, such as the entity’s real name, address, and tax identification number. The goal of these changes is so that consumers can find a way to contact sellers.

Google Store it will also clarify the pre-contractual information in its frequently asked questions section, which will be linked in the footer of the web page. It will include data such as shipping costs, restrictions and means of payment. It will also show information about the existence of legal guarantee in the ‘Sale conditions’ and in the ‘Service conditions’.

In the Play Store, on the pages of the applications, Google will inform about the required Android version. Likewise, in this platform it will also create a screen in which the user will be informed about the right of withdrawal when you make an internal purchase in an application, which will list the terms and exceptions, as well as the return policy.

With regard to compliance with European law on geo-blocking, Google is committed to do not limit the means of payment to customers (registered or invited) who buy in your Store for “reasons of nationality, place of residence or place of establishment of customers in the internal market”.

The geographic block should not affect digital services purchased in Play Store. In this case, Google must allow and explain to users how to download content from the versions of other EU countries from the web, and inform developers that their applications must be widely available in all member countries, although Exceptions are contemplated that must be detailed.


In the case of tourist reservation platforms, users who book flights and stays through Flights and Hotels (both within Google Travel), must access clear information about the company that sells said reserveseither Google itself or a third party.

The technology giant points out that it already breaks down this information in a new ‘Learn more’ section, and indicates that it is no longer possible to contract flights and accommodation directly from Google because this service has become obsolete.

The company will also modify the tool that shows the evolution of prices, so that the one displayed to consumers is “as accurate as possible.” This follows the Commission’s request to show final priceswith the associated fees and costs, especially in the event that an offer is submitted.

The company has also committed to writing pricing information more clearly and placing it in a more accessible position for the consumer.

Google will also need to be transparent about reviews displayed on Hotels. It has promised to specify the way it collects the options that consumers see, which it has confirmed that it does not verify, something that it must also report.

The changes that Google will implement also include a clarification at the top of searches about how do you order themand a more efficient way to contact the company to report illegal content identified in the Search Engineand mechanisms to expedite their withdrawal.

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