Google Play launches a pilot program for developers who have violated its policies

MADRID, 11 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

google play has launched a pilot program that offers developers the possibility of commuting faults that they have violated during the development of their applications to avoid the suspension of their services.

Currently, Google Play has a system that ensures compliance with its Developer Program Policies, since it contemplates different sanctions to reprimand those who do not respect them, as explained on its Help page.

One of the sections that integrates this section refers to the suspension of applications. This occurs when a series of repeated faults or serious infractions of the platform’s use policies are registered, such as the inclusion of malicious ‘software’ within your language.

This type of offense against Google regulations has repercussions negatively in the account status of developers, who may no longer have access to data that is important to their work, such as usage statistics or user ratings.

Now, the platform has offered an alternative to developers for rehabilitation. It is a pilot program to remove faults created within the framework of Google Play Academy, as Google has explained on its support page.

The platform has acknowledged that it is aware that many developers distribute their services “with good intentions” and that they can sometimes unknowingly violate Google Play policies.

Thus, he pointed out that the objective of this program is “to train developers to meet the requirementsand assess and expand your knowledge of policy compliance” of the platform in application development.

In this way, Google Play offers them the possibility of signing up for a training course and undergoing a final evaluation that determines that they have taken into account its rules to continue working on their applications.

Developers who are part of this program will have the ability to void their previous violations as long as their account “is in order and has not been cancelled” before undergoing this course.

Google has commented that it will send an email to those users who have committed a fault to join this initiative optionally, with which they can only eliminate the error for which said notification has been sent.

Likewise, he has pointed out that those developers who have registered the suspension of their accounts during the next 24 hours to the fault for which the training course and its corresponding evaluation are completed, “it is possible” that the rest of the infractions committed in said application are also annulled.

These training courses have a completion date, which is indicated in the notification email. In addition, test takers will have three attempts to pass the assessment.

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