Google Messages introduces new verifiers for sending and receiving content in its latest beta

MADRID, 30 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

google messages has begun to implement in its latest beta version a new verification system for messages sent, received and read, which will now have identifiers tic shaped, just as it happens in applications like WhatsApp.

The tech company is working on new features for its messaging service, which debuted end-to-end encryption for group chats in its beta version in early January.

In the middle of this month, it introduced the ability to create and participate in group conversations of up to 100 users with E2EE encryption, after integrating a new button in the ‘Group Details’ panel in this open beta test version.

Google is now rolling out a new verification format for message reads and deliveries, which it began testing in October last year, and which changes the callsign ‘Sent’, ‘Received’ Y ‘Read’ by ticks, as already happens in other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp.

From now on, there is an indicator for sent messages, two in a row when they have been delivered and in green when they have been read, as 9to5Google has recently been able to verify. This portal has recalled that the new verification system is already available for some users registered in the beta version of the messaging service.

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