Google Messages allows you to react with any emoji to text messages in its latest beta version


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MADRID, 24 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) –

The instant messaging app google messages has implemented an update in its beta version for the reaction to text messages with emojis, in which allows the user to use any emojiand not just the seven that were already available by default.

Google Messages had already implemented emoji reactions to text messages, but with this update, in addition to being able to react with the standard emojisthe user may choose the reaction from the entire gallery of emojis.

The system to access the selection of emojis when you want to react to a message is similar to that of other instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Once I know hold down on the message for a few secondsa pill-shaped panel will be displayed that will show the standard emojis next to a ‘plus’ button.

The user will have to press this button to have the entire catalog of emojis and, once it has been displayed, choose with which emoji will react to the message in question. This means that you can express a reaction in more detail, not limited to thumbs up or down emoji, smiley face with heart eyes, tears of joy, open mouth, crying or angry face.

Also, this option is available for RCS chats, the cross-platform messaging protocol promoted by Google, which aims to replace SMS. Also these reactions can be received in SMS text messages.

For now, this update is in testing for users belonging to the beta programas collected by 9to5Google, which has found two reports of this implementation.

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