Google launches the web version of its educational application Read Along

MADRID, Aug 9. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has launched the web version of its educational application Read Alongwhich aims to reinforce learning to read in children and is now available as a public beta.

This update maintains the same premise as that of its existing application: accompany minors from five years of age to read independently, at their own pace and based on individual progress. To do this, it offers readings and games adapted to different levels.

The company introduced this ‘app’ in 2019, when it arrived in India under the name ‘Bolo’. It was not until May 2020 that it expanded its range to 180 countries and integrated nine languages, including Spanish. In these countries, instead, it came under the name of Read Along.

Now, Google has brought this initiative to a beta version for the web, which is compatible with browsers. Chrome, firefox Y Edge. It can be accessed both from the browser of an Android mobile phone, and from the Desktop.

At the moment, the web version does not have support for the Apple operating system, iOS, nor for its native browser, Safari, as the specialized portal TechCrunch has advanced.

This update looks very similar to the app and includes diyaa virtual assistant that offers its support to children to better pronounce certain words if it perceives that they are having problems with them or request help directly.

This new version is still free and is free of ads. In addition, the speech recognition process that it needs to work takes place locally, within the browser itself. This implies that the program does not send any of the data collected to the servers, to protect the privacy of the minor.

The main difference between the two versions is that the website does require the user to log in with a Google account, in order to track the progress of the different children who have access to it.

In a statement to which TechCrunch has had access, Google has indicated that it has partnered with different content creators, such as chuchu TV, USP Studios and personalities of Youtubeto add more stories to the platform.

The firm has also underlined that it is currently working on India-based learning app Kutuki to adopt its alphabet books and phonics books in English and Hindi, a service that will be available later this year.

Finally, Google has pointed out that, since its launch, the Read Along mobile application has helped more than 30 million children to read more than 120 million tales and stories

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