Google includes filter suggestions in the Finder bar to refine the results

MADRID, Dec. 7 (Portaltic/EP) –

Google Chas introduced a new feature in the Search Engine that allows you to refine your search results by suggesting a series of filters located under the address bar.

The company believes that users generally know how to start a search on Google, but that they are not always clear about what they are really looking for or how to find it, as it has pointed out in a statement on its blog.

To deepen these searches and that users can explore topics related to their interests, it has integrated a new functionality that provides a series of tags related to the searched term.

These tags, which can be added to the search, act as filters and allow more specific searches. For example, if you search ‘dinner ideas’the Search Engine will place words like ‘healthy’ or ‘easy’.

These suggestions can be added to a query using the ‘+’ button. Once they are added, the search results they will changein order to offer more options to users related to the chosen filter.

Google has recognized that when you do a searchall its systems automatically display relevant topics for users, based on how it understands their search habits and content analysis on the web.

Hence, all the filters appear ordered according to what Google considers relevant to users. In the event that they are interested in others that do not appear among the first results -which can be seen by moving the filter bar to the left-, they can use the option ‘All filters’.

The company has indicated that this change will be implemented “in the coming days” for English-speaking users in the United States, both in the Google application on iOS and Android and in the web version.

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