Google Cloud partners with Replit to promote GhostWriter, the generative AI for software development

MADRID, March 30 (Portaltic/EP) –

Google Cloud has been associated with the ‘startup’ Replit to combine your infrastructure and its language models artificial intelligence (AI) with the ‘software’ able to write application programming code ghostwriterso that both companies can “accelerate” the creation of generative AI applications.

Replit is a online IDE servicethat is, an editor, compiler, interpreter and REPL (read-evaluate-print-loop), with which users can write code and build apps and websites through a browser.

For his part, Ghostwriter is a Replit app that the ‘startup’ began to develop last October 2022, designed to execute tasks such as autocompletion and code transformation.

Subsequently, Replit added a conversational AI interface to Ghostwriter. In this way, the application became capable of generate, repair and suggest programming code. This option was included in order to help developers increase their productivity and creativity when creating ‘software’.

Now, Google Cloud has partnered with this ‘startup’ to have access to Replit’s collaborative code editing platform. On the other hand, with this association the developers of Replit gain access to Google Cloud core models, services and infrastructure via Ghostwriter.

In this sense, Replit, which currently has 20 million developers, intends to get the necessary boost with Google and its resources as for “empower the next 1 billion software creators“, as the ‘startup’ has underlined in a statement on its blog.

And he reiterates it Vice President of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, June Yang, who stresses that Google Cloud infrastructure and basic models in Vertex AI will provide “more performance” to the Replit platform and will ensure its scalability “to millions of developers around the world.”

Based on all this, thanks to the encouragement and resources that Google contributes to Replit, Ghostwriter may become a competitor to GitHub Copilotthe AI-powered developer service that was launched last year 2022 and is owned by Microsoft.

In fact, as stated by the Replit CEO Amjad Masad In an interview with Bloomberg collected by Europa Press, “Google has a much better technology than most people know.

Similarly, in another interview with Masad for Semafor, he confirmed that There is “definitely” a race between Replit and Microsoft. “We will be the first. They will probably copy us,” she sentenced.

He also indicated that despite having “great respect” for all GitHub Copilot developers, working with this service is similar to “talking to the AI ​​on the phone”, the user “shouting out keystrokes” and the AI ​​”shouting out potential results”.


Among other advantages that Ghostwriter offers, developers will be able to generate code for complete programs with only provide directions in natural language of what they want to do. Thus, it is possible to create complete websites no knowledge or experience required in the coding sector and “within minutes”.

Being part of Replit, where the project itself is developed, Ghostwriter already has the project context of the developer and, therefore, can know what is needed or what is intended to be done.

Additionally, this feature reduces the wasted time of developers copying and pasting code from where they work to the chat application. Following this thread, the app has ability to instantly repair code to resolve coding errors even before the developer identifies the error.

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