Goodbye to Care Prices: supermarkets and warehouses register increases of up to 20%

The unfreezing of the agreements signed by Sergio Massa with companies supplying food and other goods precipitated the sending of new price lists to supermarkets and warehouses with increases of up to 50%.

Sources in the sector assured PERFIL that there is a “moment of loss of control“And last week they registered products with increases with maximum percentages of 70%.”There is no control, it’s over. There is going to be a price stampede that will be between 15% and 20%“said a supermarket.

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For his part, the president of the Federation of Storekeepers of the province of Buenos Aires (FABA), Fernando Savorepointed out that until the weekend they reported increases that ranged between 30% and 50%.

“On Tuesday, November 21, we began the replacement of merchandise and there was an increase of between 25% and 30%. The sugar It was $900 and went to $1,100, a 32% increase. During the last week, it went to $1,350“, he exemplified.

In parallel, Savore warned about lack of merchandise due to economic uncertainty. “There are no oils in wholesalers. Before PASO, sunflower oil was sold for $550 and today it sells for over $1,500. It is impossible to sell. At the prices we have today, people’s pockets are not going to resist“, She complained.

Following this line of argument, the Buenos Aires grocer predicted a discontinuation of certain items that experience remarks above the average since if they are not sold, they expire and mean a loss for local merchants.

The chinese supermarkets They are not an exception to the rule. Representatives of the sector assured this medium that the price updates fluctuated in a range of between 12% and 25% in recent days.

There are no multi-product merchandise. They are holding back, waiting for the new economic measures from the new government,” said a reference in relation to the caution that prevails among many wholesalers and suppliers when preparing price lists.

The end of Fair Prices and expectation for the announcement of measures

In the middle of the landing of Javier Milei and his team in the national government, The firms do not yet have an official interlocutor and implemented adjustments that seek to equalize the delay they incurred when agreeing on a ceiling below the inflation of recent months within the framework of Fair Prices.

At the end of October, the management of Alberto Fernandez extended the program until December 31 and, in this way, intended to keep frozen the values ​​of 52,300 mass consumption products. Prior to that, enabled updates were 5% monthly.

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However, the new president anticipated that will release prices to correct delays and distortions and even announced the closure of the Secretary of Commerce, in charge of discussing with companies the value of products on shelves until December 10.

Alerted by the libertarian’s speech, thousands of citizens took over wholesale and retail supermarkets to stock up before the presidential inauguration. Indeed, Long lines were recorded in establishments in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) and in the interior of the country.

The price of meat soared

At the same time, beef saw a rise of twenty% in during the first week of December and This Monday they grew another 15% in the Cañuelas Agricultural Market. In this way, so far this month they have accumulated a jump of 35%.

The price of a live kilo is already at $1,500, which implies that the average beef reaches $3,000 and cuts escalated to $6,000 per kilo on average. According to industry sources, the increase It will impact the butcher shops in just 48 hours.

What is the retail dollar, what operations can be carried out and why did it move almost 10% after Milei’s assumption?

Regarding this topic, the former president of the Argentine Agrarian Federation, Eduardo Buzzihad anticipated days ago that “if they let it flow, “We are going to sell meat at $20,000 or $25,000 per kilo.”in clear rejection of the opening economic policy of La Libertad Avanza.

“They are international values ​​in dollars or euros. It is what a kilo of meat is worth on the counter in European countries, and it is what it would be worth if we want to compare ourselves with the demand of the Chinese. Today it already costs $5,000, $6,0000 for some cuts “Let’s imagine if that doubles or triples,” Buzzi said in radio statements.

Food inflation accelerated in December

The consulting firm LCG measured food and beverage inflation of 7.4% in the first week of Decemberwhich translates into a jump of 4.1 percentage points compared to the previous seven days.

The pdairy products and eggs led the ranking of increases with an advance of 20%followed by Beverages and infusions to consume at home (8.7%), Condiments and other food products (6.9%) and Meats (6.4%).

“Average inflation accelerated again, reaching 12.3%, +1.8 pp compared to the previous week. The end-to-end measurement showed an acceleration, leaving a significant drag for the coming weeks (17.5%)”, the report highlights.

Between January and October of the current year, food and drinks marked an increase of 134.2%above the general index of 120% and were the category that grew the most in 2023. In comparison with the same month of 2022, it shows an increase of 153.8%.


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