González Pons: “If the CNI does not inform the President of the Government of its investigations, who does it inform?”

Feijóo has already summoned Sánchez to clarify in Congress who asked to spy on pro-independence politicians and for what purpose


The PP’s deputy secretary for Institutions, Esteban González Pons, questioned this Friday that the Government of Pedro Sánchez was not aware of the investigations by the National Intelligence Center (CNI) in relation to the Catalan independentistas and pointed out that this thesis would be “difficult to hold.”

“If the CNI does not inform the Government and its president of its investigations, who does it inform? Nobody? And then, what is it for?” asked the PP MEP in a message on his official Twitter account. Twitter, which has collected Europa Press.

González Pons considers that this thesis is “difficult to sustain” and has added that “outside of Spain that argument could not be defended without great embarrassment”. In this way he has responded to the information in which Moncloa disassociates himself from the espionage that the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, acknowledged, and assures that the Executive was not aware of these wiretaps.

This Thursday, in her appearance behind closed doors at the Official Secrets Commission of Congress, the director of the CNI confirmed the espionage with judicial authorization on twenty independentists, including the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès.

Aragonès has demanded this Friday that the judicial authorization of the Supreme Court that allowed the CNI to spy on him when he was vice president of the Government be declassified. “It is essential that the judicial authorization be declassified. There will be assumptions, we will see attempts to justify it and intoxications of all kinds. But to exercise my right of defense, I demand that the judicial authorization be declassified and to know the reasons that lead them to authorize espionage to a political adversary”, he pointed out on Catalunya Ràdio.


For his part, the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has assured that, after the head of the CNI has confirmed that Catalan independentistas have been spied on “with judicial authorization, upon request of the competent political body”, the head of the Executive He must clarify in the parliamentary appearance that he has planned in Congress who asked to spy on those politicians and for what purpose.

After that appearance by the director of the CNI, Feijóo considers that now “there is” the appearance in plenary session of Pedro Sánchez, who must explain “in detail some things that the director of the CNI has not explained because it is not his responsibility”, such as “For example, who has requested, for what purpose, with what interest and at what time that certain Catalan politicians be spied on”.

In similar terms, the general secretary of the PP and spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cuca Gamarra, has expressed herself, who believes that Sánchez “cannot hide behind the CNI” but must appear in the
Congress to “give explanations and defend the institutions of the State”. “When we talk about national security, it is important that it is the President of the Government himself who gives all the explanations,” he said on Thursday.

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