God care the Queen

Kings, like people, die. Even the biggest and most bland characters have the same end, but few have left such a huge mark on history. Queen Elizabeth’s death was predictable years ago, her survival in excellent condition has certainly been much more unlikely, but today she has died something much more important. We say goodbye to a prodigious era in UK and world history. Perhaps we are witnessing the death of the most important person of the last eighty years in history, which makes us shudder with emotion due to the magnitude of the event.

The queen had to survive with the dignity of the British monarchy the dissolution of an empire and the near extinction of her country, fascism and communism, the cold war, terrorism that took away very dear people, brutal economic crises, and he always did it gracefully. She also survived a family too human to harbor so much power and pageantry and a drifting country that has been debating for too long. between a glorious past and an uncertain future. But that world of Isabel, so unique and incredible, so contradictory but brilliant, will not live much longer.

The British monarchy has survived these turbulent years because never lost the solemnity of the institution, because the rites were always taken care of with extreme zeal and nobody discussed them; It didn’t matter who came to power, the Commonwealth was queen and vice versa. Faced with vulgarized, promiscuous European monarchies, with too long a hand and too short a patriotism, the British crown always stood with the dignity and courage required by her people. Monarchies lose much of their meaning and reference with the death of Isabel, they have lost her older brother.

When the Luftwaffe bombed the streets of London, a young princess went to the shelters, exposed herself to death like any other citizen, remained with her people, never betrayed them, while many others lacked time to run away, avoiding a administrative penalty. She acceded to the reign under the government of Churchill and is governed by a former anti-monarchist activist who does not even get the last ice cube of the last whiskey to Winston, a sign of the degradation of the times we live in.

The United Kingdom fell into a huge depression after the pathetic Anthony Eden, but the British idea has been stronger every day thanks to its monarch. Today London, despite New York or Washington, is still the capital of the world in every way.

Under his reign there was the greatest social change in contemporary history. They have nothing more to do Rebellion in the classroomsa 1967 film starring Sidney Poitier, recently deceased, to understand that Grease was tacky compared to the transcendence of the social changes that the pop culture that began in England, and that Isabel knew how to assume and absorb.

But modernity could not be at odds with national greatness. The UK has never looked the other way in the face of fascism, totalitarianism or terrorism. Quite the contrary, he has always been on the front line, aware that it is a people called to preserve freedom. Even the Capitol may fall into the hands of a badass dictator, but the British Parliament is the most important bastion of individual rights in the world and this can never change. Let us not forget that the Magna Carta is more than eight hundred years old, and that since that day everyone, including monarchs, has had to submit to the scrutiny of the people and has always done so, whether in battles or before the executioner, with dignity.

The benchmark for those of us who believe that the world should be based on solid institutions is dying, straight moral principles and with rulers who do not fail us. The world that remains is tawdry, with a total loss of forms, dress, speech, responsibility, common sense. The enemies of freedom, of morality, should be a little happier today; an obstacle in his way to turn societies into idiotic collectivities dominated by tik tokeasy speeches, insulting attitudes about our values ​​and the moral, political and intellectual degradation of the West, has died today at Balmoral. Today the queen of the West diedjust when once again we are threatened by Putin and that whole cohort of freeloaders, profiteers, who have jumped on the Moscow bandwagon to achieve through the shortcut of notoriety and politics what they would never have achieved through effort and individual work.

The queen has died with the dignity with which she lived and reigned. He is inherited by someone who seems very distant to everything that his mother and grandfather represented., but let us hope that the United Kingdom survives this time of uncertainty and threats and that, as has happened so many times in history, it continues to be that beacon that illuminated the world, and in particular Spain when it was invaded by Napoleon and where our Liberals exiled by absolutism. Today is the end of a glorious era for Europe and the West, which surely we will not be able to preserve as we are shepherded by those who lack the moral and individual principles that allowed the West to have dominated the world in the last five hundred years. God save the queen!



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