Gmail already allows you to enable the system that centralizes the orders placed and offers a follow-up of their status

MADRID, 31 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

gmail has already introduced the feature that allows centralized tracking of packages in the inbox associated with a given account, which can be activated manually.

The company detailed the operation of this system last November, when it announced that it had introduced it to know the status of each order (‘Order Placed’, ‘Shipped’, ‘In Transit’ or ‘Delivered’) at a glance and from the same place.

Orders will be placed at the top of the inbox as they are updatingwhere both the order number and the date and estimated time of delivery will be presented.

Google indicated at the time of the announcement that with this feature it hoped to help users “save time and stay on top of all your shipments”, instead of being forced to do it individually.

The company is now rolling out this feature in its email service, where it can already be activated manually from the Configuration section, both in its version for iOS devices like Androidas 9to5Google has been able to verify.

For users who already have this feature enabled, the Google app will have a label at the top of the inbox stating ‘Track your packages in Gmail’.

On Android devices, go to Gmail Settings, select the email address you want to track, access the ‘General’ option and activate the ‘Package tracking’ option.

From this portal they have advanced that Google plans to “proactively display a delay label and move email to the top of your inbox” in the coming months and that this feature will also come to Gmail on the web.

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