Gerardo Martino requested five reinforcements for Inter Miami

Gerardo Martino asked for five reinforcements to reinforce the inter miami. He loves several young Argentine soccer players and three of them play in the Professional Soccer League (LPF): Facundo Farías, Tomás Avilés and Braian Aguirre.

He daddy will soon have Lionel Messi and with Sergio Busquets, who was also officially announced by the Florida franchise. They could be added Jordi Albaanother great partner of the Rosario star in the golden stage of the Barcelona.

Beyond that, Martino He thinks of completely reinforcing the squad with several young footballers, under 23 years of age: he asked for Facundo Farias (attacker of Colon), Tomas Aviles (defender of racing), Brian Aguirre (front of Newell’s), Ramon Sosa (midfielder of workshops) and Diego Gomez (of Freedom from Paraguay).

fariasthe great jewel of sabalero of the last few years, he recently returned to play after being unemployed for eight months due to a serious injury (he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee). aguirre It was one of the highest points of the Argentine National Team Sub 20 during the last World Cup that was played in the country. He also noticed Tomas Avilesanother footballer who was part of the team of Javier Mascherano.

At the same time, Martino He has two young Paraguayans in his portfolio: blandone of the figures of workshopsand gomezwho also had his experience in the selection red white by the hand of Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

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