‘Genoa’ seeks that Vox does not “paint anything” in the Government of Mañueco and counterpose its “weakness” to the “strength” of Casado

In the PP they do not worry for now regionalist forces of emptied Spain because they believe that the advance caught them with a changed foot

MADRID, Dec 26 (.) –

The national leadership of the PP will fully devote itself to the campaign for the elections in Castilla y León to achieve a sufficient majority to give Alfonso Fernández Mañueco a free hand without Vox “painting anything” or having the key to governance. These results will help to build a “national story” to contrast in all Spain the “weakness” of Santiago Abascal with the “strength” of Pablo Casado, according to ‘popular’ sources have advanced to Europa Press.

In ‘Genoa’ they take for granted that the PP “is going to grow yes or yes” in the elections of next February 13 and handle internal data that could give Mañueco an absolute majority or remain only two or three seats away. , by recovering a good part of the voters who went to the orange party in the last elections.

The Parliament of Castilla y León has 81 seats. In 2029, the PSOE won the elections with 35 solicitors compared to the 29 achieved by the PP, which in the end agreed with Cs, who had achieved twelve. The ‘popular’ consider that the orange party can now follow in the wake of the Madrid elections on May 4, where Isabel García Ayuso won by a large majority, leaving Inés Arrimadas’s party without seats.


Once the PP considers Citizens “amortized”, the next objective in its race towards Moncloa is Vox. The leadership of the PP considers that a good result in Castilla y León, in which Vox “does not paint anything”, would not only strengthen Casado but would also project a weakened image of Abascal’s that would be displayed throughout Spain, the sources consulted add .

The ‘popular’ manage internal data in which Vox could even get 7 seats – some survey even gives it 10 compared to the only attorney it has now – an important growth but that could not be profitable if it is not key to Manueco may rule.

“Vox would then be residual, although it notably improves its results, because it would not paint anything in the Government of Castilla y León”, highlight the sources consulted, which underline that the year 2022 will begin with the media focus on the CyL electoral appointment and the reading of its results in a national key.

PP sources argue that the image of a “weak” Vox, together with “lower taxes and good management of the pandemic,” creates “a whole story” in favor of Casado. “The story of the PP gains credibility throughout Spain because the facts show that it is so”, they emphasize.

At that time, they continue, citizens will begin to think about the advantage of concentrating the center-right vote in the Popular Party if there are generals to “kick Sánchez” out of Moncloa, also visualizing that it is the “only possible alternative” to the PSOE Executive and United We Can. “There it is not only that Casado is strengthened, it is that he catapults him,” say party sources.


In the ranks of the PP, platforms such as ’emptied Spain’ do not worry because, as they allege, the electoral advance in Castilla y León has caught them “with a changed foot” and with less room to organize, as has happened with other parties.

In addition, they emphasize that the cut to enter the Cortes is high, because it requires reaching 5% in each province. At this time, in the Mixed Group, two regionalist forces already coexist and with a profile similar to that of ‘Teruel existe’: ‘Por Ávila’ and ‘Unión del Pueblo Leonés’. However, others such as ‘Soria ¡Ya!’ Aspire to win, which has already announced that it is going to stand in the elections.

The PP wants to stop the advance of these provincial platforms by conveying the message that only a national party like the PP can attend to their claims. “A new party that comes out of depopulated Spain has a null capacity of Government. The most important thing that people have to know is that the PP is the only party capable of achieving any demand for improvement,” he tells Europa Press a member of the national leadership.


The president of the PP has already said that he is going to overturn the electoral campaign of Castilla y León, his land, since he is from Palencia and has been a deputy for Ávila for eight years, as he himself stressed this week.

The strategy of the national leadership is to try to bring together the entire center-right vote in the PP, also appealing to the socialist “dissatisfied” with the policies of Pedro Sánchez. “Betting on freedom and on Mañueco, which is to say a resounding no to sanchismo,” they emphasize from the PP.

‘Génova’ seeks to continue in CyL the cycle of electoral triumphs that Isabel Díaz Ayuso opened on May 4, a victory that would prop up Casado as an “authentic alternative” to Pedro Sánchez, and without the shadow of the Madrid elections as the only catalyst for the party throughout Spain.

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