Gazprom resumes gas supply to Europe after 10 days stopped for maintenance reasons

Russia has resumed this Thursday the supply of gas to Europe through the gas pipeline North Stream. East had stopped its service ten days ago to carry out maintenance work.

The physical flow of fuel, according to the operator, he came back this morning -between 3.00 and 4.00 Spanish time-.

This Tuesday the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, insisted that Gazprom had not stopped providing services due to European fears that Russia would not resume gas supplies. “It has always fulfilled, fulfills and intends to fulfill all its obligations“.

Putin on Gazprom: “It has always fulfilled, fulfills and intends to fulfill all its obligations”

In the same way that Putin assured that Gazprom would return to normal operations, he warned about the possible production of new technical problems in the gas pipeline in charge of transporting Russian gas to Germany through the Baltic Sea.

Moscow has accused Europe that these energy supply difficulties have been caused by Western sanctions. Europe, on the contrary, has considered this argument a mere excuse to “blackmail” the European Union.

Supply reduction since June

On June 14, Gazprom reduced the supply of gas through the Nord Stream by 40%. Russia stopped exporting to Europe up to 100 million cubic meters per day under the pretext of delays in the return of repaired pumping equipment and technical failures in motors by the German company Siemens.

These circumstances made it necessary to reduce the number of gas compressor units at the gas station to three. PortovayaRussia, where the gas pipeline begins.

The next day, Gazprom reduced gas flow by another 33%. This meant a reduction that became 67 million cubic meters per day. Russia explained that they were forced to stop another engine of the German company’s gas turbine after exceeding the stipulated time between revisions.


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