Gaza..Turkish “TIKA” provides the Bar Association with a solar energy system

Gaza / Nour Abu Aisha / Anadolu Agency

On Wednesday, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provided the services building of the Palestinian Bar Association headquarters in the Gaza Strip with a solar energy system to generate electricity.

“In addition to the ongoing social and economic problems in Gaza, which has been under siege for years, the power cuts negatively affect life,” TIKA said in a statement seen by Anadolu Agency.

She added, “The Gaza Bar Association, which has 2,500 members and provides professional training to hundreds of young lawyers annually, was also negatively affected by the power outage.”

The coordinator of the Turkish Agency in Palestine, Orhan Aydin, said in a statement to Anadolu Agency: “With the installation of the solar energy system, which was provided to us by the service building of the union, there is no longer any interruption in the current, and the cost of electricity, which was a financial burden on them, has been reduced.”

In turn, the deputy head of the Palestinian Bar Association, Safi Al-Dahdouh, said in a statement that reached Anadolu Agency: “The electric current is cut off for more than 16 hours a day, and the solution to this problem for the Palestinian people is considered a victory for them.”

He added, “The Turkish government and people are working to support the Palestinians and their institutions, and to solve their problems from the crises they are going through, within the framework of solving the problem of the electric current facing the Strip.”

The residents of the Gaza Strip live in deteriorating economic conditions due to the tightened Israeli blockade imposed on the Strip since mid-2007, which was exacerbated by the electricity crisis continuously for long periods of time per day, as the average hours of electricity connection on a daily basis is about 12 hours, interspersed with power outages for an hour or more.

The Strip needs about 400 megawatts of electricity, of which only 212 megawatts are available, of which Israel provides 120 megawatts, Egypt provides 32 megawatts, and the only electricity generation company in Gaza provides 60 megawatts, according to figures from the Palestinian Energy Authority.

Exceptionally, and with Qatari funding, the Electricity Generating Company raised the current production to range from 85 to 95 megawatts, in early August, and the station is scheduled to continue operating with this capacity until the fifth of next September.

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