Garzón considers the CNI’s actions very serious: “In a democracy it is not legitimate to spy on the opposition”

He does not know if he has been spied on and sees it as “normal” that ERC is “deeply upset” because “political rights have been invaded


The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, has described the intervention of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) against independentistas as “extremely serious” and has proclaimed that “in a democracy it is not legitimate to investigate and spy on opposition leaders.”

He has also said that, in his personal case, “honestly” he does not know if he has been spied on through the ‘Pegasus’ program and, therefore, he hopes that the review of the mobile terminals of members of the Executive “bears fruit” as soon as possible.

However, he stressed that it is worrying that the “possibility” and “suspicion” exist and that is why all aspects of this case must be clarified, in order to then “act accordingly” because espionage “does not fit in democracy”.

This has been indicated in statements to the media, after inaugurating the conference ‘The board game as a tool in speech therapy and psychology’, organized by the Complutense University of Madrid, and after confirming that the intelligence services spied with judicial authorization on twenty people linked to Catalan sovereignty, including the Catalan president, Pere Aragonés.

For the federal coordinator of the IU, one must be aware that this issue has a “very harmful effect” on democracy and that “any democrat” should request an “exhaustive” investigation, clarify in detail what has happened, what has been the “trigger” for this action and take measures, both politically and administratively, to correct what happened.

Asked if the Executive’s relations with the ERC have worsened, Garzón acknowledged that it is “normal” that the “victims of this espionage are deeply upset”, given that these follow-ups have already been confirmed. And it is that Garzón has emphasized that “their privacy and political rights have been invaded.”

Therefore, he has proclaimed that it is time to be “understanding” and “empathic” with those affected, to urge to “resolve” this matter and call for “not to put at risk” the political processes underway in order to improve living conditions. of the social majorities.


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