Garzón bets on creating “a broad front of the left” led by Diaz

The Minister of Consumption and federal coordinator of the IU, Alberto Garzón, has advocated “taking advantage of the political opportunities” that are opening up to create “a broad front” of the left led by the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, who is working in an “extraordinary way” in the Government.

Garzón has referred this Sunday like this in the exposition of his political report during the meeting of the Federal Coordination of IU (maximum executive organ of direction), to debate on diverse subjects of political conjuncture.

“Everyone is clear about the need to build, by IU, a political space that adds more people to have more social force in the street and more political strength in the institutions to be able to carry out our proposals”, said Garzón.

That “bet” that you have called “broad front” must be led by Yolanda Diaz, who praised for “being able to work extraordinarily implementing policies that are benefiting on a day-to-day basis the working families“.

Garzón has said that it is necessary to “take advantage of political opportunities” and bet on convergences with other formations. “We can’t be conservativewe have the responsibility of a political force with a long history and an important territorial presence”, he added.


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