Garmin launches Vivomove Trend, the brand’s first ‘smartwatch’ with wireless charging that stands out for its classic design

MADRID, 1 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

garmin has released his vivomove trend smartwatchthe first ‘smartwatch’ of the brand that includes Qi wireless charging and that offers a “perfect look” for every occasion with its classic analog design and with the essential smart functions.

The American company has designed this device with the aim of combine the various smart features it offers along with its sleek lines. In addition, its battery life stands out up to five days in ‘smartwatch’ mode and the comfort of wireless charging with Qi compatibility.

As the brand has stated through a statement, Vivomove Trend can be charged wirelessly with most Qi-certified charging bases. That is to say, does not have a dedicated charging base for the deviceas it happens with other ‘smartwatch’.

Nevertheless, the purchase of this watch does not include one of these bases with wireless charging, the user will have to buy it separately. In addition, Garmin also points out that May not work with upright or in-vehicle Qi charging mounts.

Moreover, this device includes smart features essentials such as regular smartphone notificationsbut also, ‘contactless’ payments through ‘Garmin Pay’. It also includes features such as stress tracking, sleep score, and health data tracking..

Garmin also stresses the Vivomove Trend designwhich is focused on a reflection of the traditional analog clocks. In this sense, it has real clock hands and one hidden screen that occupies the entire sphere and only appears when it is necessary showing a notification or some data.

To use the screen, just click on it, since it is tactileand the information will appear automatically adapting to the space of the clock hands so that the correct display of statistics, received messages or other notifications is not a problem.

As stated by the dirCommercial and Marketing President of Garmin Iberia, Natalia Cabreraby achieving a “sophisticated balance” between fashion and functionalityVivomove Trend is “a perfect complement to the everyday lifestyle”.

Likewise, as is usual in smart watches, the user will be able to receive the messages directly on the wrist. calls, texts, social media notifications, emails and more. To do this, the watch offers compatibility to pair with a mobile from Apple or Android. Furthermore, users of Android will be able to reply with messages Quick reply text from the watch itself.

On the other hand, Vivomove Trend has security and tracking features. With them, the user can send messages with your live location to chosen contacts in case you sense danger. Likewise, the watch will send a message automatically during certain outdoor activities and offers the option of request location tracking thanks to the Livetrack function.

Another of the functions that it integrates is that of Body Battery, with it the user will be able to see their energy levels throughout the day. Thus, you will be able to know when are the best times to perform physical activity or when you should rest.

It also includes a tool heart rate measurement wrist-based, as well as sleep monitoring and scoring to know the different stages of sleep and stress data. It also has Press Ox, a function with which the user can control the levels of oxygen saturation in the blood.

In addition to all this, it also includes a function of health monitoring of the woman through the Garmin Connect ‘app’, where you can track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. In this way, you can record symptoms or even get information about the corresponding exercise and nutrition.

For lovers of physical exercise, this device integrates activity profiles for yoga, strength, cardio, running and walking, among others. To carry out these activities, the ‘smartwatch’ can also connect to the GPS of the mobile device to accurately track distance, pace and speed, Garmin explains.

All these functions can be configured as well as store data through the application for ‘smartphones’ Garmin Connect.

This ‘smartwatch’ is available in Various colors: Black, Rose Gold Beige, Light Gold Beige and Silver. In addition, it is complemented by a stainless steel bezelvaulted glass and a silicone strap. Although Garmin does offer the ability to mix and match straps and bezels.

The recommended retail price of Vivomove Trend is 329.99 euros and it can already be purchased from their website.

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