García Egea, on agreeing with Vox: Proportionality does not give the right to enter a government

He says that Ayuso’s team does not see a bad agreement with Vox when he governs alone in Madrid: “Here Mrs. Monasterio is not a director”

MADRID, Feb. 14 (.) –

The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has maintained this Monday that the idea must be banished from political life that proportionality in the votes or in the seats obtained in an election gives carte blanche to ask to enter a government, by being asked if he would agree with Vox in Castilla y León. In his opinion, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco “has the right to govern alone.”

“We are getting too used to proportionality in votes or seats giving the right to enter governments in the same proportion. And why is this so?” García Egea asked himself in an interview with Esradio, which Europa Press has picked up.

García Egea has defended that the 31 prosecutors achieved by the PP in the elections in Castilla y León far exceed the 13 parliamentarians that Vox has harvested. For this reason, he has considered that the “legitimacy” of forming a government corresponds “alone” to the “popular” candidate, President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.


“It is evident that the legitimacy of launching a political project is that of the man who has 31 seats,” the PP general secretary has maintained, backing Fernández Mañueco, who “has all the legitimacy to assert his program, his project and his candidacy alone, and let the rest decide what to do”.

However, for García Egea, with yesterday’s electoral results, Mañueco has the right to choose with whom he dialogues and whether or not he governs with the support of other parties. “Decisions are made in the territory, by those who know that land best”, he stated.

“Let’s make it possible” for the PP to lead an independent government with the political program of the ‘popular’ and not one “mixed with that of others, which we have seen how it ends in the end”, he expressed, to add bluntly: “There is coalition governments that do not work”.

García Egea has indicated that he does not want Fernández Mañueco to govern in a coalition in the Junta or for the elections to be repeated: “Either the vote unites around the PP or we never win over the left.”


García Egea has disfigured the spokesman for the regional government, Enrique Ossorio, who has spoken of possible pacts with Vox when he defends them from a “solitary PP” government. “Because here, as far as I know, Mrs. Monasterio is not a counselor”, he has highlighted, to defend that Madrid model and export it to other autonomies.

In addition, he has stated that in Madrid there is no “parties section entitled ‘others’ because there is no Soria Ya!, there is no Unión del Pueblo Leonés or Por Ávila”. “There is no party group that we could not qualify within an ideological field but rather identity within the field,” he said, to emphasize that in C&L “the arithmetics are different” and the situation “is very different.”

García Egea has flatly rejected that ‘Genoa’ has decided that electoral advance in CyL. Thus, he has said that it is “false” that the elections have been called at the “express wish” of Casado or his when it has been done because “there was a threat of a motion of censure”, since only a “turncoat” of Cs to get ahead.

The general secretary of the PP has also criticized the fact that now the idea has begun to “spread” that an agreement can be reached with the PSOE, something that, in his opinion, only aims to “confuse the population.”

“The PP wants to govern and apply its program, which is that of lowering taxes, and giving stability to Castilla y León, and whoever wants to join in giving stability can vote for the PP,” he said, to warn that whoever “blocks” a Mañueco government will have to “respond” for what happened.

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