Garamendi denounces the campaign of “harassment and demolition” against companies and businessmen “with names and surnames”

Ask the next Government to reduce Social Security contributions, eliminate inheritance and wealth taxes and reform Personal Income Tax

MADRID, July 19 (-) –

The president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, has charged against “the campaign of harassment and demolition” that companies and businessmen “with names and surnames” are suffering “lately”: “Sometimes they remind us of countries on some other continent or to really undemocratic governments.

During his speech after the meeting of the General Assembly of the CEOE, Garamendi has asked the next Executive to leave the elections on July 23 to defend the value of the company as the main “guarantee for the growth of the Spanish economy”.

“We ask for respect from the thousands of men and women in Spain who risk their resources and put their savings at stake to convert them into more activity, more employment and more public income with which to sustain the well-being of all,” he stressed.

The president of the CEOE has thus starred in a defense of companies as “main generators of activity, employment, prosperity, income and taxes”. “We are the engine, the reason why the country and its economy work,” he stressed.

Thus, he has reiterated that the business world “is not going to stop” and will always “be at the foot of the canyon”, helping Spain to progress “with independence, with institutional loyalty, with a sense of State and with freedom”.

Among his hundred proposals for the next legislature, Garamendi has insisted on the need to have a favorable economic regulatory framework that allows investment and does not hinder economic activity.

Added to this demand is the requirement to promote a sustainable and responsible budgetary policy, which places the focus on the efficiency of public spending and not on greater tax pressure. “And I also want to say it loud and clear, loading the weight of an unbalanced budget on the backs of companies, through more taxes or more contributions, will only lead to less economic growth, less employment and greater fiscal deficits. “, has warned the president of the businessmen.


Garamendi has called for a reduction in the tax burden on Spanish companies, avoiding the creation of new taxes, reforming corporate taxes and personal income tax or promoting a good system of tax incentives for investment in job creation.

He has also insisted on the elimination of the inheritance and wealth tax, on simplifying the taxes to support innovation and on the reduction of Social Security contributions, “where Spain is well above the European average”.

In addition, employers have also demanded a greater connection of educational and training policies in a global qualification and training strategy that rationalizes and integrates all the instruments related to talent management.


During his speech, Garamendi highlighted the agreement signed with the unions for the employment of collective bargaining (AENC), which has provided fundamental “social peace” in an environment in which inflation continues to be one of the main threats.

In this regard, in this document of 100 priorities for the next Legislature, CEOE claims collective bargaining as a guarantee of quality in employment. Thus, he has called for loyalty among all those who make up the social dialogue and has charged against a dozen regulatory changes introduced “with nocturnal and treachery”, taking advantage of the approval of various laws without prior notice and without the agreement of social agents.

However, Garamendi has encouraged citizens to vote in the upcoming elections on July 23 and has assured that it will work with the government that the Spanish have decided, “as it has always done and will continue to do.” He also took the opportunity to thank the King and the Crown for giving “stability to the country and offering an impressive image of Spain.”

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