Garamendi (CEOE) affirms that “the hunting and capture of the Del Pino family has not been the most appropriate”

Applauds the position of “respect” that the Government has finally shown before the approval by the shareholders of the transfer of Ferrovial

MADRID, 14 (-)

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has criticized the opposition shown by the Government to the transfer of Ferrovial to the Netherlands and, in line with this issue, has considered that “the hunting and capture of the president or the Del Pino family, does not It has been most appropriate.”

However, he has applauded the final position of “respect” that the Executive has expressed before the ‘green light’ of the Ferrovial board to transfer the company’s headquarters to the Netherlands, a proposal that aroused the support of 93.3 % of shareholders.

“I am glad that the Government’s position is one of respect” regarding a strictly business decision, Garamendi stressed in an interview on TVE’s ‘La Hora de la 1’ collected by Europa Press, and recalled that, on the other hand, ” There are companies that come to Spain and we love that they come”.

In his opinion, “all the fuss that has been made should have been avoided”; “The company should have been discussed differently.”

For his part, asked if there is legal certainty in Spain, Garamendi explained that “in principle” there is, although “every day there is more interventionism.”


The president of the businessmen also participated this Friday in an act of the Mapfre Foundation, where he specified, in statements to the media, that it was “a business decision” by Ferrovial.

“I think that the transfer of a headquarters from one country to another of the European Union is an issue that is similar to the transfer of the decision of people to work. It is a decision of the shareholders, by an overwhelming majority, where you have to keep in mind that there are more than 200 international funds, the most important in the world, that are in more Spanish companies”, indicated Garamendi.


The president of the CEOE has also asked to “lower the balloon”, since Ferrovial generates “20,000 jobs and a lot of benefit for Spain”.

In addition, he has insisted that “everything has already been said” in the general meeting of shareholders, with explanations of the company’s reasons “for active and passive”.

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