Gamarra assures that the PP will offer “a new proposal” before each “insult and disqualification” of the Government of Sánchez


The general secretary of the Popular Party and spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has assured that they will offer “a new proposal” for each “insult and disqualification, for each ‘no'”, from the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

“We are a serious and responsible party. We owe ourselves to Spain and the Spaniards and, for this reason, we face each issue as the matter. We know what our responsibility is as an alternative and as a state party,” Gamarra said in an interview with El Spanish, collected by Europa Press, in reference to Bildu’s support for the decree against the economic crisis.

In this sense, he has pointed out that they are not going to “resign” even though the Sánchez Executive “has resorted again to ‘no is no’ to everything that comes from the PP”.

However, Gamarra has highlighted the party’s concern that “the variable geometry works for him (Sánchez), but harms the Spanish”. “And in the end, it creates more problems for them than they have,” he said.

In reference to a possible change in the Government’s attitude towards the PP since the arrival of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, he stressed that they have found a ‘no is no’ when proposing an economic proposal “that materializes in a fiscal plan whose only beneficiaries They are the Spaniards.”

“The PSOE would do well to review this behavior and realize that a party that has twice brought Spain out of the crisis is a good partner in economic matters. And that it is much more useful to seek other types of agreements than to be closed to its investiture block”, has indicated the ‘popular’.

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