Galician public television workers ask for the dismissal of eight senior officials for information manipulation and sexism

The Intercenter Committee of the Galician Radio and Television Corporation (CRTVG) has called for the dismissal of the company’s top managers after several episodes of what they consider “information manipulation” that occurred this week. They denounce the “ideological drift” of the leadership and also accuse it of promoting the dissemination of macho and sexist content.

Public has tried to obtain the assessment of the management of the company, which directs Alfonso Sanchez Izquierdobut at the end of this article had not received a response.

According to the workers’ representation, the first incident occurred last Wednesday at the telexornal at noon, in the information about the visit of the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarraand the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolanosto the exhumation work in a mass grave of victims of Francoism in the Madrid town of Colmenar Viejo.

“The only cut chosen by the management of TVG to illustrate the news did not refer to it at all, but rather collected the question from a spokesperson for a far right internet blog who asked Minister Belarra about the deaths of Paracuellos, an episode that the extreme right always uses in their speeches”.

In that same news item, statements were issued by the general secretary of the PPdeG positively evaluating the one hundred days of Alfonso Rueda at the head of the Xunta de Galicia. “The piece was made from a video sent by the party itself, with the PP’s microphone, without the intervention of any TVG journalist. Statements from other political formations with representation were not included either, failing to comply with the legal principle of reflecting ideological pluralism of the country and maintain informative neutrality“, adds the Committee.

The workers also denounce machismo and sexism in the content area, this time for the promotion of a new series, Saudade of you, with messages like “True love makes you suffer” and “True love is pure madness”.

The Committee warns that the “partisan and irresponsible use of the CRTVG” has led to a internal situation “unsustainable” and “fed up” among the staff, because it demands the dismissal of the director of the Information area, Concepcion Pombo Romerofrom the deputy director Alexander Lopez Carballeiraas well as the two chief editors and the person in charge of the telexornal noon. Also those of the director of the Content area, Fernando Rodriguez Ojeaand the directives Rosa Sierra and Vanessa Grela.

It also adds that the workers are preparing “a forceful response to this ideological drift that allows progress in the eradication of information manipulation and sexism in the CRTVG.”

The information from the committee coincides with one more of the “black venres” that for more than four years has been promoting the Defende a Galega platform, formed by the workers themselves against manipulation and for the application of the Media law approved in 2011 by the Parliament of Galicia.

CRTVG workers celebrate the José Couso award for freedom of expression. defend Galega

The workers assure that the informative manipulation in favor of the PP and the governments of Rueda and before Feijóo is a recurring element of the informative services of both TVG and Radio Galega. Also the broadcast of sexist and sexist content, as well as the discrimination and persecution of journalists and workers who denounce the situation or refuse to comply with the political instructions of the management.

Alfonso Sánchez Izquierdo was appointed managing director of the CRTVG in 2009, after Feijóo came to power. Since 2011 he has held his acting position, breaching the law voted by the PP that requires the director of the Corporation to be elected by Parliament. That same rule provided for the formation of a News Council with decision-making capacity on those contents that has not been constituted either.

In the last 17 years, the CRTVG has accumulated more than 400 judicial sentences against it for discrimination, ideological persecution, unfair dismissals and breaches of workers’ rights, including two for breaking up the feminist strikes of 11-M with illegal minimum services, in addition to various warnings from the electoral boards for violating information neutrality during the campaigns in which Feijóo obtained his absolute majorities.

Only from the spring of last year until today there are already about twenty final court rulings. The last one, the one that condemned the Corporation for violating the right to freedom of expression of a journalist who was sanctioned with suspension of employment and salary for demonstrating on their networks in favor of Defende a Galega and against information manipulation.


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